Is there a game about weight gain on 3DS?

Hello everyone, this is my first post on weight gaming. So if you know any games about weight gain on 3DS, please let me know.

about weight gain? I am not aware of any, no. Nor do I think there are any. I know of one game that features weight gain though. And that, is Mario&Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. It’s an older game, but it’s playable on the 3DS


Oh,thank you.

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Oh, sweet summer child.

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funnily enough I was going to port my game to the PSVita and 3DS

I just didn’t think there was a lot of interest in it

There are really good MH games on 3DS like MH4U and MH3U. Not weight gain related though.

The 3ds has a web browser so theoretically you should be able to play browser based games on it.

it doesn’t support CSS, I don’t think it’s powerful enough. Also it definitely
can’t support flash