is there a way to filter only browser games?

when I look for games to play, I typically prefer the ones that run on like hentai foundry, deviant art, etc. I was wondering if there was or hoping for the addition of a tag like thing to filter out games that arent browser games

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In, select browse games and chose the web option under platforms.

I think the point was to have a tag on this site for browser games

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I want to say no?
I don’t think we have a browser tag for threads.

thats too bad, hopefully there can be one eventually. I know I would find that useful

There isn’t a tag for browser based games, but posters (with a high enough trust level) can create one. The bigger problem is getting posters to actually consistently use such a tag on their posts.

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thats a good point, I guess its easier said than done. but even if its not absolute and used on all the browser games on weight gaming, the more the merrier I say