is there a way to filter only browser games?

when I look for games to play, I typically prefer the ones that run on like hentai foundry, deviant art, etc. I was wondering if there was or hoping for the addition of a tag like thing to filter out games that arent browser games

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In, select browse games and chose the web option under platforms.

I think the point was to have a tag on this site for browser games

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I want to say no?
I don’t think we have a browser tag for threads.

thats too bad, hopefully there can be one eventually. I know I would find that useful

There isn’t a tag for browser based games, but posters (with a high enough trust level) can create one. The bigger problem is getting posters to actually consistently use such a tag on their posts.

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thats a good point, I guess its easier said than done. but even if its not absolute and used on all the browser games on weight gaming, the more the merrier I say

Could there not be some kinda poll system for tags like on e-hentai and steam?

Even something like a monthly thread in a kinda “throw ideas into the hat” way could be cool, as well as some promoted post encouraging extensive tag usage. With niche stuff, it is always good to be able to know about the specifics.

Sorry I some how missed your message. To answer your question @tharglor yes we do not have a web or browser tag. That is a good point though that we should have one so I will add a tag for it. If you want to ever see what tags are available you can find them here:

@FeelingHealing I would suggest to not make that suggestion in this topic. While its kind of related it is topic hijacking more or less and it would be better to make a post about that in #forum:site-feedback