Is there AI that can fatten up pictures of people

I know this might sound retarded but I was wondering when will someone make an ai that can realistically fatten up a person in a picture. Like face body etc

not that I know of?
though, it might? idk

I hope its made soon because this would be a win for the community

There’s this simple filter that works alright, but it’s mostlyi just faces IIRC.

Those are just ai generated not actual photos tho

Im talking about realistically fatten the face and full body of the person

I doubt that there are any tools specifically for making someone fatter, but you could do what you want with AI inpainting or img2img generation.

This blog I follow on tumblr has a post about his process generating images that might be helpful to you:

I hope this doesn’t exist??? And if it does I hope no one ever finds it because I know its gonna just be used by creeps to fatten up images of random, non-consenting people.


It’s existed for years, even before AI art was a thing people have been doing this with photoshop. Only difference now is the barrier of entry is way lower. Another item to add to the list of reasons why I dislike AI art.


100%. It seems like the main draw of machine-generated images is getting rid of consent.


I absolutely agree, something like that should NEVER exist


Whatever you’re planning on doing - don’t


If you found one, and used it, you would be explicitly making non-consensual porn, which, outside of being disgustingly depraved, would be an actual crime. Don’t.


Barring the other concerns, just making someone fatter without removing their clothes or doing anything else would not make it porn.

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Thats what i want. No interest in removing the clothes

yodayo does an OK job.
it’s free if you wanna wait (and queue up to 8 requests)
with quite a lot of dials and knobs too.

(just make sure to respect the ratio of the image.)