Is there any way to convert photos to cartoons/sprites?

I suck at drawing and using digital art/vector software has been causing me problems. I can’t ever get the lines straight or smooth enough and on sites that do offer a smoothing option, it costs money and tries to make me pay for the premium. There are some cool apps and sites that can pixelize photos of people’s faces and make them look like sprites, but I want something that can do full body photos. None of the sites I found that cartoonize photos actually did that great of a job. Most turned out pretty low quality, like some filter had been put over it. And you could obviously tell it was a real photo rather than a cartoon.

Or are there any free character creators out there that have parameters to allow for a diverse range of body shapes/sizes? Cuz all the ones I go on that have a “fat” option just make the body completely rounded out, with no way to adjust it. No way to change the fat distribution, change belly button shape, add rolls or surface markings like stretch marks.

What would someone recommend for someone like me who has no experience in art and doesn’t have the money to pay an artist? But also has access to a lot of photos that, if able to be turned into quality-looking art, could actually be very useful

Are there any preset/downloadable bellies that other game creators have made that can be added to other characters in other projects? Sort of like how there’s downloadable vector and SVG elements that can be mixed and matched

I’d recommend tracing tbh, as you cant really make a “cartoony” photomanip that can be applied to all styles, especially if you are trying to post edited forms to small, style distinct-artists. it just comes across as jarring and makes them look weird otherwise, not that most editing can even work without tons of editing experience in blurring the differences away or to contrast lol


Yeah, photo filters all are recognizable too. Just take a pic and trace over it. Maybe blur the pic and try making your own edges too or something. Depending on how “on the know” about this site those around you are, maybe try to make sure to hide those pics too, just to leave no openings for a surprise outing.

I think there has been talk of a repository that could some day be made. I would try finding that and seeing if you can re-open the discussion.

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Yeah. I would love it if there were some sort of repository that stores high quality reference photos of different bodies and angles that could be used for drawing

You could look around on places like, there’s plenty of pictures but a lot aren’t full body so I’m not sure how useful they’d be as reference.

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The main problem with using a bunch of random photos, filtered or not, is copyright. For the purpose of the forum this falls under “Post only your own stuff”. FAQ - Weight Gaming

As for character creators that would do what you need… Well, I don’t really know what you need because I do not know what your project is.

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