Is There Any Way to Deactivate Your Account?

I’ve been meaning to ask people like @kilif and @grotlover2 for the longest time, but does anyone on this site know how to deactivate their accounts on here like on other sites?

You need to message someone either moderators or admin once your account has posted more than once or been around a couple of days.

I (with my moderator hat on) could deactivate your account, but it won’t go away completely: your posts with your username will remain - Discourse does this to preserve the threads of conversation. I think you have the option to later re-activate it if you wish providing you can re-verify your email.

We can also anonymize your account - basically it assigns you an “anon[bunch-of-numbers]” username. Once this is done you can’t get it back. Again your posts remain.

Admins may have more privileges, I don’t know as I am not one.

Okay, then. I’ll just leave for a long while, then. Probably won’t come back as a result. Just saying.

@dingotush is correct. The forum software we use has some restrictions to prevent data corruption but if you want to DM me I can work with you to see what we can do.

I’m thinking of doing the same thing, I have no use for my account anymore.