Is there anyone that dose Deviant art work?

Hay its belly expansion city I’m looking for someone that does commission for artwork because I would like to update my channel to make it look better. plus if any of you are wondering I have 32 games on my list 5 patron pages to review their games along with other weight gain stuff that I don’t want to spoil yet. so if you know anyone please let me know ill look at their work to see if I want to go with their style of work otherwise thanks a bunch.

Well I am an artist, and I have a DA. therealfalconpawnch7 - Hobbyist, Artist | DeviantArt

For myself, I’d say Technically i have a D/A. Do I post? Yes. Is it frequent? I’d say once a blue moon. As for commissions, I’m doing requests right now, but odds are you’d have to wait a month for results given my infrequency.

hay sorry to get back to you late I did run into someone to help me out but ill make sheer to give you two a shout-out when I make one of my Deviantart videos.

Please don’t mention me

all right sounds good