Is this game outdated?

Hello everyone, i’m wondering if this game is still playable, cause seems like a lot of people have problem with installing it, and this thread is not very active.
Could anyone link me instruction how to install this game, if it’s still possible?
Ii will be grateful

It’s outdated in the sense that it’s been years since there’ve been official updates, and the modding community isn’t really strong at the moment, but it still works fine on modern machines provided you have Java installed. The game is designed to run on Java 6, and the offical release will probably throw errors if you’re using any non-Oracle versions of Java, but regardless using Java versions newer than 6 is (currently) fine.

You can either download the latest official release and patch from the official website, or download my customized build and the image pack from my thread. My build has some new features tacked on and changes a bit of processing behind-the-scenes, but there’s not actually much new content at the moment. It might function better on MacOS or Linux systems, where OpenJDK or something similar is more commonly used in place of Oracle Java.

Installation is fairly simple, and mostly covered on the game’s download page - just extract the game download, extract the patch (for the official release) or image pack (for my build) into the proper game folder, then start the game with the proper file for your system: startup.exe or start.bat for Windows, for MacOS or Linux. Once you know that the game is running properly, you can experiment with adding mods, which should only require adding the mod’s gamedata folder to that of your current install.