Is Twine 2... broken?

I am considering of using Twine as something for a choose your own adventure but when I went to begin a test story to figure the mechanics, I can’t do any test or play feature. If I’m on Private browsing (where I first notice the issue) it keeps spitting me out where they do the introduction again. If I am on normal browsing (to see if Private is what is doing it) it now tells me the Story format is not working. I then check the Story format (on normal) to see what is wrong and not only the default fault format is not working but I can’t even change it to something else. To make matters worse it seems all other options have the caution exclamation point in the triangle so even if I could choose it they may not work.
So I then go to see on the Twine Q&A for possible answers and not only is no one else had a similar problem (still need to dig further though) but I can’t even post a question myself as I can’t register for some unknown reason (the site keeps telling me it isn’t doing registrations right now).
So is this a problem with the engine and affiliates or is my computer not working. Also the browsers I am using is Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 version) and Internet Explorer (not sure the version) on a laptop so I am very confused what is wrong.


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To my knowledge twine 2 is still working. What is likely causing you issues is the fact you are using IE and Edge (though Edge is in general fairly compliant with current standards anymore) and using Private browsing which can prevent the app from caching data.

I would suggest trying firefox or chrome if Edge is not working.

Thank you, hopefully it works then.

Update: It is working now with Google Chrome, thank you very much!

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