Isekai Weight Gain Visual Novel - "In Another World with Fat Chicks" (WIP)

Hey all! Recently, I began deep diving into Ren’Py, the old reliable of visual novel engines. I’ve got a nice start at a weight gain visual novel, with the concept being a parody of cliche Isekai harem anime.

Your player character has recently died due to a tragic truck-related incident, leading you to be Isekai’d into a new world that coincidentally resembles a fantasy RPG world. Will you slay the demon king and save this world, wreak havoc on the unsuspecting lands, or just fuck around and get drunk at the tavern? Oh, also, there’s gonna be lots of fat chicks and chicks getting fat(ter.)


Here’s a downloadable demo, version 0.2 if we’re being technical, for you folks to take a look at! Not much has changed since the last demo, though I took that one down due to changing accounts on!

Also, as I’ve mentioned below, I’m currently looking for help with the game! Whether it is writing, editing, coding, or art, I desperately request assistance in various aspects of the game to speed up development!

Thank you all for your time and interest.

EDIT 2: For those interested, here’s the discord link


Hi! Quite intrigued by your concept and actually want to help you. Should I dm you a link to my Pixiv so you can look and decide whether my art style is suitable for your needs or not.

I mainly focus on stuffed bellies but I don’t think that drawing wg would be a problem for me


Very intriguing, though I am no use in graphical or code writing sense, I am always happy to provide moral support


I love the idea of a weight gaining isekai game and it’s been something on my mind for LONG time. Ideally I’d come try and help with the artwork since this is something I’ve been wanting for ages, but I’m not entirely sure I’ve got the time to right now. I’d love to know more and see if there were any small artwork pieces that I could help out with though!


I’d absolutely love to see your work!

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Thank you for the support regardless!

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Sure! If you’ve got any questions feel free to shoot me a message! I can tell you anything you wanna know, and maybe find some small art you could do if you’re interested!

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hm… remind me of my weird idea of 5 fat girl been send to another world because the dragon lord is chubby chaser… only summon them to be his harem… and also live in the world where diet is too important…

I only understand 2/3 of that, but sounds interesting!

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im excited to see where this goes good luck

This sounds amazing would love to play it if it gets made

This looks up my alley at least! Very cool idea!

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Thanks! I appreciate the support!

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I will follow this for sure.


Thank you! That means a lot

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[Insert that one gif of palpatine patting anakin on the back here]

Hey all! We created a discord server to work on the game and talk about it!

There is currently NO demo or anything for the game, so please don’t join JUST expecting to play test the game lol. But if you wanna help with the game or just talk about it, feel free to hop on in!


Hey all! It’s been a minute I know! Listen, I’m gonna be upfront here:

I’d like some help. I’m very swamped with IRL work and classes, the only artist we’ve had actively working has been even more busy than me, and I want to continue work on this game.

If you are an artist wanting to work on this project, a writer with some good story ideas, or have ren’py experience and want to help with some of the technical issues, please reply here, send me a dm here, or in this game’s discord server!

Thank you for your patience, positivity, and support.


The discord links are expired I believe, but just checked out the linked rough demo and this seems interesting, I love the writing and world your wanting to create. I hope you can find some help good luck to the team, I look forward to seeing more in the future.

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Good Evening all,

It’s been a minute since you’ve seen me around here, and I apologize for that! I wanted to try my hand at a “Dev Journal” update for you all. Even though there’s no playable update right now, I want to assure you we have been making progress. I’m in the process of cleaning up dialogue from the originally planned demo section some of you have played through. I have written out, but not adapted fully to Ren’Py, additional segments up until the first major stuffing/weight gain events with your party members. Also, while I work on the script, I wanted to show you the amazing art that my teammate Jaltz has been coming up with!

This is not all of the art, obviously, and much of it is not final, but I wanted to give you a taste of where the game is going!

With that out of the way, I want to thank you for your support!

My plan is to, by the end of this month, have finished the dialogue edits and rewriters and begun adding much of the planned future content, the first small quest or so. No promises on any releases or anything, but that’s my rough schedule with Jaltz. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or whatever, please let me know!