It Came From Lantrum! Stuffing/ Vore Focused RPG Maker Game

I believe it is canon. There was some mention that it’s sort of a sampling of uh… more post game SB content? Could be mistaken, but that’s how I interpreted the message along with the content drop.

Also means that the stories are as canon as this. So… yeah?? :smiling_face:


i ask because i remember there were some non-canon vore scenes in the game, so maybe this could be like a what if scenario…

or maybe it was just to please all of the people who where begging for something like this in the q&as XD

i also wonder how the timeline of events goes now


Oh, that’s a good point. Vore content was optional.

Well, now I don’t know how to frame it. Ha ha!


I doubt the timeline is really important for short one-shots like these that Nerds probably just made to have fun. However, if there was a timeline, if I had to guess…

  1. Some Bullshit comes first, obviously.
  2. Symphony of the Emmie I’m guessing comes next because Esse, Emmie, and Zyntris start travelling after SB ends.
  3. To Catch an Emmie I’m gonna assume is after Symphony, because Emmie acts like she hasn’t seen Clara in a while. I’m guessing it’s also before It Came From Lantrum because Clara would probably mention it if she had been to outer space in that time.
  4. Interrogation Time must be after TCAE, since Clara seems more accustomed to seeing Emmie and says that she’s usually with Esse.
  5. Last but not least, It Came From Lantrum.

This was my thoughts too. Although I was under the (perhaps false) impression that Interrogation Time was part of a larger SB update. One of those things where Clinkoclinko did a mighty fine job and it inspired immediate gaming. :wink:

I just now realized a thing

If Pro is 34 during the adventure, and Emmie is 18… Does that mean that Pro was 16(!) when he went to pick Emmie up at the “orphanage”? Was he already captain of the guard? At 16?

He was just a teenager and he saved Heidi from those goons, and had a weird relationship with capes at 16. Captain of the guard. At 16. Damn.


damn, he is truly a Pro

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Even if he was a teen, I suspect he was the kind of guy to rise up the ranks real quick through sheer skill and determination.

That being said I am a tad curious on if any key event shot him up the ranks for top captain of the guard.

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He was just a Guard then on one of his first missions. I didnt have one set event that got him promoted, but over the course of the next 18 years he rose in ranks relatively quickly. A lot of the Lantrum guards are shown to be competent like Skippy or Sarge Colon, but i think a lot of that is from Pro. Meaning the guys beforehand were probably not the best and a truely good guard like Pro rose up quickly.

He saved Heidi in his twenties i imagine, and she was still in her teens. She is younger than him.


An official response from the guy himself!

Yeah that makes more sense. I was expecting the adopting mission to be carried out by the most trusted members of the guard, and i suppose Pro was the most loyal even without being captain yet. The fact he rised quickly was basically a given.

Thanks for the reply! I will now consider your words canon as the word of God. :joy:


Dang, Heidi has a thing for older guy’s in spiffy uniforms [and capes] huh? XD


I can’t tell if the situation is sad or not. I’m waiting for new updates, but I was drafted into the army for military service. It’s kind of sad that I didn’t wait for the update, but it seems like in a year the game will be more developed.
All in all. I wish everyone good luck.
Clara is the best woman.



Good luck and be safe dude, (bring a picture of clara with you)


I knew it, I always thought if Esse got to Clara instead of Emmie there wouldn’t have been a world to save once Clara was done with it, as far as I remember from some bullshit Clara doesn’t have any magical ability, she can just swallow massive things due to pure gluttony and love of food and can practically (almost) keep up with Emmie when it came to stuffing even when Emmie and Esse were one in the same. I feel like interrogation time and Lantrum are just confirming that. It’s awesome Clara is getting her time to shine after Emmie got a whole game, I always felt bad when Emmie ate everything that she wanted to eat hah. Although since she never had esse it may be a bit harder to get rid of the pounds 0.o


My reply got deleted because i wanted to show love to this project and i merely asked how the project is going. What a nice welcome… Either way. I say hello to you all once again. Has anyone else had their reply deleted based on nothing? Would like to know. Oh wait, maybe this reply will get removed soon aswell? :open_mouth:

Generally they delete posts that ask for an update, it’s a forum rule. I appreciate the excitement from your first post, I did see it, but I really don’t have much to show. I’ve been working on much smaller scale projects like that Interrogation Time mini event thing on my Itch, Interrogation Time by Nerds1 and something else that I’ll have out soon. These projects are easy for me because I don’t really need new sprites, new maps, or a grand narrative to explain.

I’ve got to sit down and work on It Came From Lantrum still, but my earlier points are still there. I have not abandoned it, but I will say I have not been actively working on it.

To others in the thread, thanks again for the continued support and excitement. I am sorry updates are slow, I don’t like taking so long between updates. I hope to have something to show sometime soon.


i had the same thought for a while now, like, Clara was born this, no magic at all, just a freak of nature.

Actually, I’m pretty sure she is like this due to a genetic mutation, she is even got a second stomach (kinda), she is like this world’s version of Tarrare (look it up, he was an actual person)


After deleting your post I messaged you with why the post was removed and outlined our community guidelines. As I’ve already informed you and as @Nerds states asking for an update from a developer is not allowed on the site and is why your post was removed.

You’re welcome to gush about the game and provide feedback or any discussion about the game as long as it falls within our community guidelines.

Replaying this just to feel something…

Seriously though, I love the attention to detail in all the environment interactions. One of my faves is the Melee announcer’s reaction to inspecting some trash in one of the buildings :laughing::