It would be nice if we could upload .webp images, it's the mainstream image format with the best compression so it's becoming popular online.

It would be nice if we could upload .webp images, it’s the mainstream image format with the best compression so it’s becoming popular online.

It would also make it easier to upload high resolution images directly to the forum, as a lot more quality can fit within the forum’s filesize limit if the file in question is a .webp image.

Sorry I have no idea how such a task could be accomplished or what it would take to allow the forum to do such a thing.


Technically it’s not mainstream for users, it’s mainstream for websites. Most users get pissed at downloading a WebP off a wiki somewhere and having to manually convert it.
It’s got awful compatibility, too, like I have to manually download a special plugin on my PC’s image viewer just to see WebP images, and I can’t load them into Paint at all… Heck, even WebM has bad compatibility, IIRC no Apple devices can run those, still.

Also, this is probably the wrong board, as “Game Design Discussion” really doesn’t apply here.


I clicked on the suggestions category, then deleted a game design discusion draft … whoops. Guess that changed my category for me automatically.


I changed it to site feedback for you. Feel free to add any tags you deem relevant.

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Yeah i hate downloading an image just to see that format


Okay, so yeah, I know it’s more popular with websites than users, but that’s what this is. In theory, the reader would just see the image in their browser without knowing it was a webp, but it would be a lower filesize slash higher quality. Uploaders to this forum would be able to convert their files with something popular and free like xnconvert, or just keep doing things however they were before.

windows free image viewers that don’t choke on webp:

image glass
probably others :stuck_out_tongue:

Really though if people hate webp, that’s not a huge reason for the site to not support it, because if everyone hates it no one will use the feature, although, longer term, people will either need to use/accept larger files or upgrade to better fileformats. So, even if it’s a useless upgrade in 2023, it seems to me personally that in the not so distant future webp is gonna be taking over.

I would love to see .webp compatibility on here.
For VNs it really is the best choice and whenever i would like to post an image it would be great if i hadn’t have to convert it first.


This may not be a bad idea in the context of the forums and for even the main site as it seems most of the concern around it is the fact most local image viewers do not support the format. That is not a major concern to us at least since we are not a gallery site and images on here would be more for advertising a project then showing off artwork.

The only major concern I would have is browser support. As long as it seems to be well supported we could consider adding it to the allowed extension list.


I definitely like the sound of this.

The time this has come up for me as a normal user and I’ve had to convert the file or do something else like a screenshot due to there not being webp support. For example: with some of the higher render quality and image count VN’s on the site. The most common media sharing used is mega. They have a 5GB transfer limit and there are a few VN’s that are at that limit and likely do or will start using webp images to save on file size to be able to keep using mega.

There have been a few times when I personally am trying to communicate help to a user or a comment on a specific image, to help illustrate what scene or where in the story we are both referring to. While niche circumstance I would agree, I do find myself in situations where if webp or webm are supported it would just make it easier and not involve a file conversion or another solution (to a granted niche issue).

There are cases where devs show images to illustrate what their game looks like when posting either WIP, finished content, or teasers. As it is a very common request to see some visuals from the game when not provided. I can’t say how much anything would impact current devs but if some are producing content in webp already it would be the same time save and quality of life to not have to convert something to another format. I’m sure it would be something that is appreciated by the community if you chose to go forward with it.

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.webp is supported natively in all major browsers since 2020 so i think it would be save to say that everyone will be able to view the images.


Note: .webm and .webp are entirely unrelated formats, .webp is an image format and .webm is a video format :smiley:

Now maybe they don’t need seperate threads, but they’re not duplicates.

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