Its been a while, but i want to try something out again.

Its been a shitload of while since i was making content, besides a couple of replies i want to try something new. So what uhhhhh… any ideas? Im trying something new this time, to make my games more progressive and actually put effort into them. I might need a theme though. So comment with the most likes wins i guess. Ill be more active on the forums from now on.

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I don’t have an idea, but it is good to just think it through using paper and pencil, a document, whatever.

Just had this one:

A “platformer,” but you’re too fat to actually complete levels the way you’re supposed to, instead having to use your weight to find alternative ways in the level.

I have put all the ideas I’ve abandoned, or haven’t managed to get around to, in a thread I call “The Boneyard.” Feel free to use any of them if they’re of interest - you have a Twine tag on this thread, so I’m presuming that’s your focus, and they’re all originally intended for that medium.

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Even though i used a tag that says twine i think i should have said it in the text, also hi pheonix

I love your supermarket idea and im probaly going to use it. Just incase, may i have permission.

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Of course! You have my explicit permission, and I hope it proves fruitful for you! :+1:

My idea was for a weight gain clicker game, similar to Cookie Clicker or AdVenture Capitalist but I’ve never really tried to make a game before so I didn’t know where to start.

I made a Dev-Log if your inteested