It's National Novel Writing Month!

November is the month where we can all pretend to be writers!

Anyone have any plans to write that saucy WG-fic they been dreaming up in their head? Know of any tools one can use to keep story ideas organized?

I am going to be using Dedalus to write a short interactive story about a bee-girl who convinces a worker/drone to feed her until she transforms into a queen after having stolen royal jelly from their previous hive.

Yeah, NaNoWriMo…

I’m participating but it’s not WG related, sorry =P

I was going to make a story that would be really great, but instead I started working on my game, which National Novel Writing November still helped me focus on a lot. Trying to write my novel made me realize how much I rather work harder on my game. Now I am pretty motivated and convinced I can finish soon enough.