I've been here a long time but never made an intro...

Hey all. Some people might recognize me based on my profile picture of Edd. I’ve been mostly lurking on the forums for a few years now. I’ve made a topic here and there, supported a project or two. A little about myself, I’m a hetero male in my late 20s, my hobbies are fishing and video games (duh) and my favorite franchise is Pokémon. I’ve known about my fat fetish for a long time. I first discovered it when I was about 13, when I watched a very famous episode of Totally Spies that needs no explanation. I don’t really have any skills that are worth contributing to projects unfortunately. I would say maybe voice acting but I don’t even have a good mic. So I’m just a friendly face here to just hang out.


Glad to have you on board regardless!


Thank you! Glad to be here!