I've come up with a weird metaphor.

I don’t know when or why I came up with this metaphor but here it is.
Just say that attraction is an apple, most people like to take bites out of an apple, some prefer to eat their apple sliced up, some remove the skin. Some don’t even like apples they might like pears or other fruits, or they don’t have a preference. The difference between fruits and people is quite big, but we all have preferences for what we like and enjoy, if you saw me eating a big plump apple, would you be surprised, repulsed. No you’d be like, that’s an apple that he’s holding there.


Just a way to say that we all have differences and preferences and it’s a shame that some are judged for something they can’t change.


Well it’s just the sad truth I’ve learned time and time again that there’s bias everywhere and people judge you for most stupid reasons. That’s why this website is a place where I can be myself and not be judged for what I like.


People are always going to judge you, but from personal experience those close to you tend not to make a big deal of your preferences if you don’t. Most of my friends know at this point and aside from the occasional joking around, they never mention it.


Hehehehe what if it was a kumquat

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Then it’d be like if someone had a kendama: they’d ask “what is that?”

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