j8867bbw's fattening

Some of you probably know about j867bbw’s other game, FattFatt, a lil sidescrolling game made in RPGmaker. Well the korean artist made yet another game called fattening! The game appears to be a very short game where you explore a small apartment that’s haunted by a fattening ghost, and you interact with various things that fatten you in silly ways. The game looks fun…but problem is trying to run it.

Because the game was made on a korean system, it can’t run on non-korean PCs. If you know how you CAN get it running by changing your system locale to korea, though I imagine that’s a bit of a pain. FattFatt had the same problem until someone was able to convert it to run normally on any PC.

Here’s the link to j8867bbw’s twitter post of the game if anyone wants a look see. If you don’t mind swapping system locales over and over you can get it running, or if anyone here’s a smart enough cookie you can get it to run properly. https://twitter.com/j8867bbw/status/1050382780037705733


OK so unfortunately because of all the problems they’re having with getting non-koreans to run the game, j8867bbw removed the post for the game. However both the links for the game and other program needed are still uploaded on MEGA so I will leave those links there.

MEGA the game
MEGA the other program needed

Seems region change also won’t get the game running so unfortunately, there is no way for us folks to play it just yet. Hopefully someone can take a look see and fix this cuz the poor guy’s very upset that we can’t enjoy it. It was went to celebrate 3000 follows.

Added the unclaimed tag as this is for someone else’s game.

okay, I am trying to get this to run but even with that other program it closes on me…
What is going wrong?

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I converted FattFatt; I’ll take a look at converting this one over too.

I keep getting a Japanese error message that I don’t understand the only thing I understand is Graphics/Titles?

Nope. Korean. Until I work through converting you need to both run the extractor program (the orange fuzzy ball with four green arrows.) and the game itself in Korean locale.

On Windows 7 it’s Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative > Change System Locale.

I’ll make a cute post with pictures and a description later, But here’s this working, now.

Download the English locale version


This was great, tbh! Wish there was more of it, but what’s here is definitely scratching an itch I’ve had for awhile! It was alot of fun finding all the different endings (ended up getting them all before I finished the first time ^^) It’s also got a great sense of fear that’ll keep you on edge, if not but a little bit. I definitely liked it through and through.

Need more stuff like this in terms of fatty games. It wasn’t too long and didn’t try to be more than what it was. A simple fatty puzzle rpg.

Hey. Download isn’t working for some reason. Only sends me to a blank page.

They have two other games as well. I’m quite the fan of this artist!

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It worked for me? Try again maybe.

Very fun and cute game. Only wish there was more of it. Thanks for localizing it!

His games are always fun, short, and interesting to play