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do you have any gamepads connected? Maybe its detected one as moving left.

Thank you for telling me this. I’ll test this out.

I tried it and that was the problem, thank you for helping my friend! :3

Also, What exactly is the button for saving? Cause it appears that I can’t save on Pkinads Prison or Fattening

Pkinad’s Prison and Fattening are both only about 20 minutes long so saving is not required.

I know, but it’s allowed, right?

As in is it possible?

If the menu comes up when you press Escape (or z? or is it x?) then yes. otherwise no.

To my knowledge you can’t save in fattening, but in pkinad’s prison the red box things on the wall allow you to save when you interact with them.

Thank you my friend :3

I’m trying to boot up Fattening, but every time it starts it gives me the error:" RGSS-RTP nao encontrado".
I don’t know spanish nor rtp please help…

Edit: I installed the RGSS RTP and now I’m hit with a different error saying "Graphics/Title/

Question, is it possible to play these games on Mac?

They should run in Wine, as they’re just RPG Maker games. If you’re unsure of how to get them set up, there’s a gude for Macs on the RPG Maker forums.