January 2019 Income Statement

Good day everyone! Finally I got time to get the income statement for January done! I would like to apologize for it being so late. The processing issues on Patreon and some unexpected guests on my side made it hard to get this one out.

Now before I show you the numbers here is a few things that are going to change in February financially:

  1. We will no longer be paying the server expenses out of pocket. As of February the income from Patreon will now be covering these expenses.
  2. The expenses for the domain registration will no longer be handled out of pocket after February (this is when the original 2 year registration by @kilif runs out).

This is great as it means the site is now no longer dependent on a few people’s personal income, but we are also expecting some large expenses coming up for creating the main site. Some of this will be covered out of pocket, but due to the cost and the fact what we need can only be used on this site means we just can not cover it all out of pocket.

These costs coupled with the fact we will need to spin up 2-3 additional servers before the end of the year for development will put more strain on our finances. So if you enjoy the site and want to help us with its continued expansion and development we urge you to consider donating to us on patreon.

Ok, now onto the statements:

WGFIncomeStatements_2-19.pdf (235.9 KB)