Japan game list

Hi I just found a list of all the janpanese game released for now by @tuki_tarou but I can’t found the password for downloading the first game. It’s called eraMeiQ Gaiden .
https://mobile.twitter.com/tuki_tarou this is where I found the list. Also this tipe of game it’s only avaible in certein country. If anyone found out what it’s the password will make my research a lot easier :joy:


This is the link

The password is literally right in the evernote, although you’ll likely need a Japanese IP to even get to the page with the download link in the first place.

As an aside, there are partial English translations for various era games, including eraMeiQGaiden, although I don’t know the if one for this game in particular includes the mods listed (I see one as being integrated in the readme, but no mention of the other). It’s probably best if I don’t link to it as I’m not sure of the content, and you’d need an account with the site to view it anyways. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to find on your own, though.

I haven’t taken the time to look at the rest of the list to see if there’s anything noteworthy.

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Yes The password was edited by tarou so now it’s linked I was just curious about this game because I played all the other game in the list except this one. I don’t now if it’s something that I couldn’t touch or the topics that are in the game are strange.

What list? I haven’t seen a comprehensive list of these sorts of games anywhere?

this link should bring you to the evernote shown above, which is the list