Javelin's Castle: A DnD Expansion Adventure

Javelin’s Castle is a 5th level, expansion-themed D&D adventure for up to 4 players. Can you escape without succumbing to the dangers inside? Now available on Itchio! Purchase page: [Javelin’s Castle: Renovated by Red Deer Studio]

The 50 page, self-contained module comes with unique expansion mechanics, Roll20 compatible maps and multiple character illustrations. Give it a try!


Is it mac compatible? I wish people would specify if their apps support Win, Linux, or MacOS.

It’s a D&D module, right? If so, it’s just a bunch of PDFs/PNGs to run a game.


It’s a PDF and some JPEGs, so you should be able to use the content on any OS.

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Bought and am running my players through it this week. ^^ (Some alterations made to make it fit my campaign of course)

Great stuff and I especially appreciate that it comes with usable maps for roll20. Please keep stuff like this coming.

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I glanced at the store page, and while intriguing, I noticed one of the tags for it was #furry. I’m guessing it’s just because of the art inside the book, or is the entire adventure written with a furry theme?

It looses a lot of appeal to me if that’s the case. I know there are groups where nobody’s playing anything even close to human, but that’s not my cup of tea, regardless of the rest of the content.

We’re happy to announce a new expansion for Javelin’s castle! This free pack includes 4 new generated rooms to explore, as well as tokens for each enemy and NPC in the castle! Just log into itch.io and get the content from the store page. Enjoy!

Lovely, keep more of these coming. I always love more DnD material to play with. ^^

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