Jobs/buy drinks at the bar/ magic mushrooms mushrooms/ become an anthro wolf

I have an idea on how you can get gold by doing jobs like working at a restaurant or bar or with the black smith there should also be a feature to allow you to buy drinks at the bar in the red light district there should also be magic mushrooms that you can pick that will make your weight sky rocket how do these ideas sound also you should be able to through a bite turn into an anthro wolf how does that sound

My god, this is just a massive run-on. And Cryptic already said that he was only focusing on weight gain. Anthro doesn’t seem to fit into that category, does it?

This guy has been doing this all over the forum. Pretty sure he barely understands english.

Being able to work in the commercial district would be nice in my opinion, you could have simple quests which you be available after a certain amount of ticks (or hours?). For example the blacksmith asking you to bring him x metal scraps from armoured skeletons.

I don’t wanna add part-time jobs since that’s essentially just free money the way time/turns work, but quests with monetary rewards would be pretty cool and is doable for sure.

Buying drinks at the bar, sure, once the bar is fully released.

Magic mushrooms; something of the sort will appear on the 3rd floor. The dialog has already been created for that.

About the last suggestion, sorry but I won’t adding species transformations to the game.