Joseph Earnwile III - The Adventure Series


Some people have been missing the artwork I used to have uploaded to my patreon for paying members. I have made an artpack, containing almost every image from the first three games in the Earnwile series. You can find it on my itch page, or linked to directly on my link-tree. I have set the price to $2 to own the art for keeps, and put it all into a nifty zip file for ease of download. Hope this satisfies the people who’s missing the art.

In other news: 0.1 of Caves of Sorrow will be uploaded early next week. This will have most of the art, gameplay and story finished up to the point of entering the caves. As usual I will release an update here when it goes live.

This is also your time to come up with suggestions and input. If there is anything you’d like to see more of, less of, or just see in general in this game: put your suggestions into the google forms at his link.


For those who have answered my little beg for attention:
Sumo girls, Tengu and Futakuchi-Onna are all slated to appear in game, as is a hint of the death feederism without the gory visuals. Keep the suggestions coming people :slight_smile:

Geishas are in. Look for them where the Sumos live when the game is coded that far.

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I also want to remind people that I am very happy to take feedback and suggestions from you guys. You can message me here or on my discord if you want a more direct line of communications. Or if you are a bit shy: use this link.

I got some feedback that some people don’t want to pay through itch. Well, I’ve got some news for those people: Patreon is back up and running (currently pending approval).

There are new tiers, where some gives you actual digital downloads for your money. The art that used to be up on patreon could be viewed as against their new policies and has therefore been removed, as has most of my old updates and ramblings. Fresh slate. If you miss the pictures: check out the Expert Adventurer tier. This only to inform :slightly_smiling_face:

-WeirdoBeardo89 out!

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Also: your cries for the more extreme has been heard, and catered to as best as I can within the story I want to tell. Look to the Geishas for some future fun.

I can confirm you will find Liona somewhere in the caves!