Joseph Earnwile in the Crypt of Sloth

New day, new game. I am continuing my work with the quest engine, as I am starting to get quite good at understanding all of its little quirks. This is the second game of my now I guess small series of text-adventures.


You are Joseph Earnwile, adventurer, explorer and traveler extraordinare (at least in your own mind). After your brush with all the wilds of the jungle, you have returned to your native country of merry old England. However, your research paper and logs from your travels was quickly rejected by all major publishers, citing too little actual resaerch having been done, and your sexual escapades being too numerous for any decent publishinghous to even consider.

Pennyless, without a home and without even a single paper published anywhere, the woman you were banking on as your future wife to be chose to leave you. As you are looking for a way to restore your reputation as a researcher and a scholar, you hear a rumor about a cult operating from the sewers of London. You quickly decide to make this cult your next area of study, although being bankrupt puts a stopper to your ambitions. Luckily, just a few days later, you stumble across an old purse in the streets, containing a scattering of coins and a few banknotes. Just enough money for a train-ticket and a room for a while. Lady Luck smiles upon you once again! Money in hand, and with you meeger belongings in your backpack, you set off to the trainstation. A new grand adventure is surely about to begin!

Links and info:
DevLogs will be uploaded to, and linked here for ease of access. Any suggestions for the new game can be added to the suggestions-channel on the discord. Trying not to rely on google forms as much unless I want some instant answers.

You can find more info on my itch: Joseph Earnwile in the Crypt of Sloth by WeirdoBeardo89

Discord is found here: The Adventures of Joseph Earnwile

Game Guide: Crypt of Sloth Game Guide - Google Docs


So is this main character male weight gain or female NPC weight gain? Or both?

Just want to come up with names for future “Joseph Earnwhile and the…” games

“Joseph Earnwhile and the Mask of Hedonism.”
“Joseph Earnwhile and the Bell of Bountiful Harvests.”
“Joseph Earnwhile in the Land of Extravagance.”
“Joseph Earnwhile at the Intersection that has more than four Starbucks.”


Female NPC my friend. Will add a tag.


Damn, you are a prolific individual if nothing else my guy. The previous one just wrapped up after a pretty speedy dev cycle, didnt it? Maybe a wee bit of bowtying a few end bits? And the previous one wasnt like, a 5 minute romp or anything.

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A few little bits left to perfect with Goddess of GLuttony, but the art takes a while, and I have the need to create. So here we are. I calculated Goddess to last 1-4 hours or so if you want to experience most things. A little extra if you want to be a completionist. This game will be about the same length. Hopefully a nice little romp through the pumpkin-patch a nice cold autumn afternoon :slight_smile:


Crypt of Sloth version 0.1 is now up to have a look at for those interested!

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I have stolen, but slightly altered one of these. I am also looking into the availbability of Starbucks in the 1930s.


Hot off the presses! Version 0.2.1 is up for you guys to fiddle around with. Any feedback is always appreciated.

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New stuff to try out!

Newie and gooey!

really excited to see more of Devlin! I assume since she is in teal she will have some expansion in the future? :slight_smile:

Exactly right :slight_smile: Good people have caught up on there being a color scheme to these games

Also: this may be a direct response to people wanting to see Sarah getting bigger. I have to be HAL on that one, can’t do that, but I hope Devlin is a decent substitution.

Alright: some new stuff in here that may be worth a look :slight_smile: This game is coming together pretty well. Read the devlog to know what’s new.


As a member of the Sarah fan base I can safely that Devlin is a fantastic “replacement”.

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Hotfix for a lot of bugs found by awesome playtesters!

New version with some new art, finished storylines and some other little things here and there. Also: check the devlog for more info on things to come.

I’ve played through around half of the game so far and I love it! I think there isn’t enough quest games with pictures and I always enjoy every single one. Your writing is always on point and the amount of possible wg sequences is really immense. Really good job.

On a technical note:

  • When you post a new update of the game, do I have to play the game from the beginning in a new version, or are the saves compatible? I really don’t know how it works in quest.
  • Your discord link is outdated.

The savefiles unfortunately do not cross over between different versions in base quest 5.8. And I have updated the discord link :slight_smile:
Also: thank you for kind words. I do my best to entertain.

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