Julia's fattening Fable text adventure game

Hey Sup guys I just made a game that centers around a girl named Julia it’s still in early alpha and all feedback is appreciated

link:Julia's Fattening Fable - Play online at textadventures.co.uk

Note 1: you need to eat the jars of jam before continuing and the food has no function yet as this is my first game and i need to know a lot more about quest. in other words don’t go south until you’ve eaten

Note 2: If the link doesn’t work try running it with a browser if that doesn’t work tell me and I’ll upload it somewhere else

Note 3: Ass expansion and Breast expansion is a thing so far and weight gain will be in as soon as I learn some more

Note 4: I’ve just changed the link if it didn’t work please try again


Just did an update. eat the foods in order from soda to butter

link:Julia's Fattening Fable - Play online at textadventures.co.uk


This game seems promising, if the game is expanded a bit (No pun intended) it could be a really good game.

Yeah this is my first game ever and I hope to find out how to use quest better. because my main problem is I don’t now how to change the text for different occasions.

EX. Julia’s belly is growing past her massive boobs(As if you ate the red jar before the stick of butter)

However as for now everything has to be played in a specific order

Don’t suppose there’s any plans in revisiting this at this point? Looked promising.

I’m the dev, I lost my account during when they made the new sign in thing anyways I probably won’t come back to it


Game’s busted, I went down and it acted as if I consumed everything and went to sleep.