Jun-Aug 2023 Income Statement

Hello everyone! Man, time sure does fly. I am sorry to have missed updates for June and July along with being so late for August. Long story short I got put in charge of a massive project at my day job with one hell of a turn around time on it so been kind of heads down since late May. But we got it released this month and just handed over to another team for maintenance so finally got a bit more breathing room now!

Enough about my work though, lets get onto the state of our income.

First, we have seen a nice uptick in donations from our patreon going from about $330 in April to around $500 in August! This all helps us out a ton and I would like to thank all of our Patreons, both past and present, for their support!

On the ad front it has unfortunately been decreasing. We may see a small Jump here but its mainly hovering around the $100 mark. This does mean there may be some months we dont get a payout just due to $100 being the minimum required for transfer. We have basically written off 3rd party advertising at this point though and are mainly using it to try to supplement our Patreon income. We do have some plans to try to switch to running 1st party ads much like FA does in the future but that will be looked at after we get the main site out.

As usual, here is the details for those interested, and if you like what we are doing and wish to help out more directly make sure to check out our Patreon!