June 2019 Income Statement

So I know this is really, really late but I still got it out in July! (Small victories XD) I have actually had this ready for a few weeks but just did not have time to post it till now.

So for the most part its is fairly standard but there are a few things I want to draw attention to.

  1. We are expecting an increase in AWS related costs in the upcoming months. Some of this is coming from the simple mail service (its almost nothing though expecting no more than $0.10 a month) but the larger cost is going to come from the S3 service. We are coming up on the end of our free trial and are starting to hit our space limits so we expect to have to move to our S3, Glacier plan fairly soon.
  2. We will have a $1 a month increase to the login droplet as we will be using Digital Ocean’s backup service to keep an image of our login server backed up.
  3. Some people may have questions on what is going to happen with the Dev grant given to @Vern101 and @Dr-Black-Jack’s overlord project team since it was canceled so soon after it was given. I am happy to say we do have a plan with them right now on how to deal with this but we can not talk about it quite yet. We hope to have more info for you all next time when we post our next Income Statement.

And as usual, if you like what we do here and wish to support us you can do so through Patreon:

WGFIncomeStatements_7-19.pdf (335.8 KB)

Man, I wish I had the money to pitch in $5. This community is better than I hoped. :frowning:

best of luck man, wish I could help but I’m not in the position to give money either

Damn, $1,000 invested in Overlord , and nothing came of it.

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We actually have some good news around that but details about it will come out with next months income statement.