Just found an easy to use visual novel maker.

so, there’s this fun little porn game called “MIRROR” it’s nice and alll but then i found it’s inexpensive editing software. it allows to edit absolutely everything about the game and even make new chapters (thats what im calling every section that has a new girl).

so i think it would be a nice new tool to use in fetish material.

Is this the one? The title’s not in CAPSLOCK, but it’s dirt-cheap and it fits your description.

it’s exactly that one
although i dont know if you need the base game but it’s sold separately.

It’s not listed as DLC, so I would presume it is a standalone product. It’s literally a buck rn so I’m half-tempted to bite the bullet and see what it can do.

i already have it but i also have the base game.

How much better is it than Renpy tho? That program is free and crazy good for that price lol

im not sure, i’ve never used renpy. but for what i could see in the software and the vid i’ts pretty simple

Hate to say this but sometimes, easier is not better.

Without knowing the detail of that game’s insides, it WOULD probably be relatively easy to make a game that fits neatly into its engine. However, a codebase by nature limits game design in ways that sometimes conflict with what a developer wants to do.

Ren’Py has a huge community and wide availability of free code for functionality beyond the linear narratives it excels at, plus a codebase that is open-source. Initially making a game inside a proprietary game might be easy, but if you need to break outside that framework, things will get much harder.

It’s a limitation that devs working with RPGMaker might be familiar with, whenever the unique code language and closed portions of source code get in the way.

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i’ve been experimenting with the app…it’s responsive and has tons of customizable features…but i can’t find the damn folder for portraits. the game uses pretty nice looking animated portraits for it’s official game and the scripts however i can’t even find the type of file the portraits use or where to find it.