Just rambling about a RPG where you become stronger by getting fatter

I just created my discobot account because, well, I just found that forum and it gave me that of a WG game I just needed to share, just for the sake of speculation. While I have yet to touch a game engine, I’ve always been very interested in game design and imagining games in my head - who knows, I might get to make those concepts true one day, if I find the time to learn programming and stuff. Mix my interest for game designs with my fetishes and you get some weird shit. It doesn’t matter if that concept never sees the light of day, I just want to discuss some of my ideas with other men of culture.

I noticed that in lot of WGames, expansion being applied to the PC(s) tends to act as a drawback and/or a punishment. You’d rather want to still be able to walk in order to finish the game, rather than getting a game over from being immobile - even though that’s the ending we probably all want to get. This approach makes sense. I mean there’s more cons than pros to morbid obesity, but I’m more interested in games that know you’re playing them because you’re a fetishist and rewards you for getting your character fat. The ideal WG game experience to me is ‘‘If you’re getting fatter, then you’re on the right track.’’ It’s not necessarily easy to design a game by this creed, but here’s my concept for a game where you have to expand and expand if you want to beat it:

It would be a turn-based mini-RPG set in a fantasy world where you play as a young magician who gets his power from fat cells. As he gains weight, his calories would be converted into points for you to spend on stronger spells, status and slots for them - think Bioshock’s system of spending ADAM on active and passive Plasmids. And how do you gain weight? Well, by eating, obviously. You would go into dungeon looking (not for legendary cakes but) for treasures to sell, and the deeper you venture into the lair, the more likely you would be to find artifacts shops will pay you handsomely for. You would then spend that money on buying equipment, paying the rent at the inn but, most importantly, getting the biggest feasts you can afford. When evening comes and you’re back from your dungeon crawling and going on quests, you would go to your inn’s counter and order as many calorific meals as you can ; and when you’re set, you would start a minigame where the protagonist gorges out and you must press the arrow keys shown on the screen as quickly as you can in order to multiply your score and the amount of calories you gain. (There would also be some slob content, with the character getting stains all over him from pigging out, and two additional minigames where you would have to make him fart or burp as long as possible - I’m not sure what it would add, but my lower parts tell me to worry about that later.)

If you venture as deeply as you can into the dungeons and find many treasures on your outings, you should be able to afford a pretty large buffet every evening, which you might want, as time is constantly running against you. Why do you have to become so fat anyway, except maybe for the kink of it? You have to because during each chapter of the story (maybe four or five), you would have around a dozen days to prepare before having to face a boss of great strength - I’m thinking about it being a female magician who also draws her power from her weight, each one being fatter and more powerful than the previous one. If you want to stand a chance against these foes, you will have to get as fat as possible and acquire new powerful skills before D-Day. Upon meeting with you, the boss would react according to your weight: if you look like a featherweight next to her, she would chuckle and assume the turn out of the fight is already sealed, but if you happen to outsize her, she will suddenly look less confident.

But what happens when the hero has become so much of a blob he has reached immobility? Not to worry, it doesn’t mean the end of the journey: instead of getting a Game Over, he would get carried around by a platform with mechanical legs.

During your outings, you would have to manage four bars at once:

  • Health: Don’t let it go down to zero and you’ll be fine, easy enough. Unlike most RPGs, eating and drinking won’t restore your health. You will have to rely on potions and healing spells to recover.

  • Stamina: Similarly to how skills consumes SPs in Persona, spells, depending on their scale, drains the player’s energy until he’s too tired to use magic and has to witdraw back to the inn to rest.

  • Hunger: How hungry the player is will affect his Stamina. You can eat to recover strength, but there will be a point where it loses all effects and you need to go back to the inn and sleep if you actually want to refill your Stamina. It will also become harder to satisfy your character’s appetite as he becomes fatter and more addicted to food ; you will have to spend some extra money on snacks so your character can keep up. (Also note that eating in dungeons does not increase your weight, you can only gain during the evening, when devouring feasts that wouldn’t fit in your bag)

  • Thirst: Pretty much the same as Hunger. You must take both into accounts to keep a steady Stamina until the need for sleep kicks in.

The core of the gameplay would be about grinding, but not your typical RPG grinding. Farming the same boring enemies over and over again until you call it a day would be prevented by there being no experience at all. The closest thing to it are your calories that you would spend on spells and status bonuses. And to gain those sweet calories, you would have to dive deep into the dungeons and find the most valuable items to sell for your buffet. You wouldn’t even have to repeat the same encounters when going back to where you went, the most powerful enemies having disappeared and the few ones around being too scared to fight you - like Shadows in Persona fear you when you’re of a higher level.

There are other ideas I haven’t delved into, like having a party of three fat female companions (a DPS, a Tank and an Assist), with the possibility of spending time with them in order to grow a relation with them and maybe get lewd with them. But I haven’t fully thought everything through…

For now, this is the basis of my dream WGame. What do you think of it? Do you think some parts would work well, others less? I’m genuinely interested in debating weight game design, especially one for such a nice market.


Wouldn’t having to eat more in dungeons as you get higher in weight be a significant drawback? Especially if you have to spend money on it that you can only get from going deeper/longer.?

The economy isn’t on point, I’ll give you that. I don’t know if the treasures in later dungeons being more valuable would be enough for the player to be able to manage snacks for dungeon crawling along with feasts and other stuff. It’s something that would need to be experimented.

I was thinking about the PC developing a stronger appetite because, while I’d like a game that rewards the player for getting fat, I’ll concede drawbacks are a certain appeal to WGames and wg in general, so getting fatter should still raise challenges for the player. It has to be fair and surmountable though…

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honistly I would add I hunt system. where you can use food items form the monsters slain for the feast. making the buying but much more to help top off the feast and help gain more weight


I love the idea, but maybe you can give the player to choose between a male and female. By this way you have more peopel who like you game. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not bad! I had this idea that some treasures were recipes you could give the inn’s cook, so you get new meals that makes you gain weight faster. Both concepts would blend well together, especially if there are ingredients the inn doesn’t have and you have to get them by slaying monsters.

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oh yeah I prefer playing a female character myself
and add things like traps that could add or lose weight and stuff like that.
and what about “cursed” loot that could afffect things as well. both like “lose X points in X state but gain XX precent more weight”
and difficulty setting that affect the time limit. a easy with no time limit normal with a fairly long time limit and hard with a short time limit

It will be cool if you get cursed you lose power and weight. And to need to refill youre self with fat

Sounds intriguing, if you ask me

  1. I get that. There’s a bigger community for bbws than bhms, but I can’t help it, my marshmallow boys fetish was talking. I just love the concept of a mostly fat female cast, with a young male protagonist rising among them, kind like a XXL harem. If I were to program that game though, I’d probably start small and stick to my vision by having a male protag first. Then the female option would enter the fray when the game is done - and I’d probably add the third option to have the female model actually be a trap.
  2. I’m not sure a trap that adds weight would count as a malus in such game where being the biggest piece of blob on earth is the point. I’m also worries traps that burn away the calories your worked so hard to gain would be too frustrating.
  3. Gaining weight at the cost of some of your stats, I’m loving that concept.
  4. Yeah, I can see people wanting a more casual experience and others wanting to be put to the test!

a few thoughts. Romance? you did say XXL harem so would something like that be a thing? and if so (and even with out) I want to ask could we affect the genders of the npcs we fight with? like that fat wtich you talked about? though of course as a core game is finished thing?
also what about companions would we get those? and of corse be able to fatten them?

I’d honestly like to see more RPGs in which getting fatter is an advantage, rather than a punishment. In my disgustingly humble opinion, too many games have fattening happen as a result of a bad end, or it’s either something that happens only to NPCs.

I would much prefer my party getting fatter, while either having little or no negative effects from it. I’m kinda weird in a way where I like my fatties at any size (the bigger, the better), yet I don’t want them to suffer from immobility. In fact, I’d really like a game mechanic where getting fatter was a reward that you have to work for.

So… yeah, I’m all for your idea of a game where gradual fattening is encouraged in order for a character to be more powerful. Hope that we’ll see something out of your idea soon!

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Oh romance, hell to the yes. Especially harem. I would love there to be an ending where the protag and his three female companions become slobs together, but I’m not sure how the party members would work. Would they also grind through fattening up? For that, they would have to be like the protag, but I feel like that would make him lose what makes him special, like a Persona protagonist: he isn’t set on one clear path, it’s up to you to customize him depending on your instinct and your play style. I guess you could still fatten them up, but what practical use would it have if calories are just calories to them and not points to improve? I suppose that, at the end of the game, the protag would start living with the companion(s) he romanced and fatten her/them till they become as much of a blob as him…

I wasn’t thinking about the sexes of the NPCs being changeable. I had always a set idea on who was male and who was female, but I suppose Shovel Knight doesn’t have to be the only game that can switch characters’ sexes.

Remember though that it’s just a bunch of speculation. It’s not like I’m planning on making this project. As much as I’d want a game like that to see the day, it might just remain a fantasy.

fair point but hey maybe some day it can become real so working out the idea still helps.
and why couldn’t the player Cast a spell on his companions to use their weight to boost their power as well?

It’s amazing how much you can relate to everything someone said. An all fatty adventure party is a wet dream for me.

But don’t be so hopeful though. If I could make a game like that, you damn bet I would, but I have no knowledge in programming or anything like that - though I plan to try to get into it one day, when studies won’t get in the way. I mostly needed to get all those ideas out of my brain and I wanted to discuss the potential of such a concept. Sometime, being creative is just a burden, especially when you can’t do shits with your ten fingers…

Eh, it’s got potential.

could a cow girl be a character? with their weight also affecting them in making them produce milk? could be a npc (would fatting the town npcs be a fun idea?)

Eh, not really into furries…

Beside, I imagine it as a mini-RPG, so I’d rather keep the scale reasonable, not to the point where you’d be able to fatten up every living soul around you.

ok fair enough then I guess

Monster girls. There, problem solved.

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