Kerboros breaks down the gate

Hello you’ve probably noticed me already and as I have seen other do an intro so to will this hound
Ultimately I’m better at matters of knowledge, trivia, lore, spooky stuff, and being a soundboard for ideas
Have a question I’ll try to answer it
Need a guy to bounce an idea around or build up lore can do
Or if you want to talk about anything or need a therapist in a can
Who you gonna call
Kerberos that’s who


Aye, glad you got the intro and all that done! (I still need to do mine, heh.)

I’ve seen you before, and I gotta say, love how you put “this hound” into all your replies. If I sound sarcastic, I assure you, I’m genuinely impressed with how long you’ve done it! Now of course, we all need ideas, so thank you for that! Another thing I’m impressed with you about is the spooky stuff thing, god knows I couldn’t even do Goosebumps as a kid.

Anywho, glad to have you a part of the community!


Thank you
I just decide to mark it my trademark so to speak around, spice from this hounds own kitchen so to speak
And when it comes to spooky stuff
It pays to have dealt with the real thing, once you do it’s surprisingly mundane in its own right take it from The mouth of the Hound himself


Welcome! Happy it seems like you enjoy it here!

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