Kind of a inflation based Rhythm Game.

Hey all, I’m currently working on a Rhythm based game (inspired by Friday night funkin’) that’s going to involve inflation and/or weight gain. I don’t have a name for it yet.

The more notes you hit the bigger your opponent is inflated, while the more you mess up inflates your character more. Make it to the end of the song to fully inflate the opponent or miss enough notes to end up fully inflated, followed by losing the level.

Would people be interested in it whenever it’s finished? I’m not the best at art so if anyone would be interested in helping making this happen just let me know, I’m also looking for suggestions for things too!

There isn’t much I’m able to show as it’s literally all just scripts and placeholder text but the plan is there and I’m working on the code now. I’ll continue to update on my progress and if I continue or discontinue the project. (I got problems staying motivated lmao)


Pretty unique theme, I can only think of one other game like it: C:BUBBLE v1.0 (Rhythm Inflation Game) by Balloondra -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
The only real problems I had with the game was that 1, you spend so much time playing the game that you don’t get to look at the actual characters, and 2, I didn’t really like any of the characters anyway, heh.

So I guess #1 is basically the point I’m getting to: pls make sure that however the game plays, we actually get to :eye: look :eye: at the character when they grow, since rhythm games usually require a ton of eye contact to play, and nobody wants to fail a song because the character hit an amazing shape/size. Kinda reminds me of that ice cream game from the last Gain Jam, where you frantically fight with the ingredients and assemble them all in the right order, but you spend so much time looking at the ingredients that you barely get a chance to look at the woman until the game’s over.


  1. Points scored during the song are saved up, no inflation happens until the end. Song completes, and you get a free run at an inflation minigame and the max size is tied to how many points you earned. If you FAILED the song, you get to watch your character be inflated instead, and you don’t have any say in how big they get or what they’re filling with.
  2. Have the inflation work Elite Beat Agents style; each song is split into three parts, separated by mini-cutscenes. If they did better than you, you get to watch your character be inflated instead of them. This can work on a “best two out of three” thing, or just straight-up EBA it and have it so you can still win, even if you did poorly on all three segments.
  3. Drop the inflation during the songs entirely; points earned in songs are used as currency to unlock new pumps, backgrounds, or even new THINGS to fill them with. If you beat someone, you unlock their character for the inflation minigame.
  4. IDK, just have them inflate during the game and hope people don’t mind.

This is actually similar to how Im planning it, I know what you mean when it comes to focusing so much on gameplay that you can’t enjoy the whole purpose of it.

I like the ideas you have so I might see what I can manage to implement after I get the basic stuff set up. I’ll 100% keep in mind the viewing experience though!


Just as a small update to what’s going on with this, most things are finished and I’m just implementing my last few scripts and rewriting other ones to make sure it’s bug free. It’s going to take awhile however because I’d like to make the characters appealing, yet I’m not the best at drawing so it will take awhile to find an art style that I like.

So far here’s how it will look:

  • There are levels 1 - 5 that can be selected from and difficulty can vary.

  • Might make an option to enable inflation during the song but will be off by default. However, enabling this would disable the intermission and go straight to the next part/segment.

  • When you finish parts 1, 2 and 3 of a level there will be time in between showing both characters blowing up depending on performance. (On your part)

  • Points are collectively added to your total amount and can be used for powerups, new levels and cosmetic selections. (Levels 1 - 3 will be free so you don’t have to redo the same song like 4 times to afford the next level)

  • Might add better pumps, the better they are they bigger you can make your opponent but their pump will match yours.

  • Failing a song segment plays a scene where you watch your character get blown up.

  • Thinking of adding a preference option based on inflation, so if you prefer full body, boobs, butt, belly, weight gain, etc. This would take quite awhile so I might make this version and begin working on another version so I at least have something out.

Let me know if you’d want to see anything else in the game. So far that’s the stuff I’m planning / working on.


It’s been around several months so I’d like to post an update on what’s going on with this game. Currently it’s collecting dust on a drive so I apologize if you were looking forward to this anytime soon :confused:

It is pretty much done (excluding art which has not been fully finished and a few tweaks to scores and selections) but I have motivation issues so I take blame for that one. I might release what I have finished and someone else can take it upon themselves to finish the art but It doesn’t meet my standards for a game.

Sorry all, I have other projects i’m working on though so I’ll make a thread for that in the near future once it’s done so it’s not some 7 month long awaited thing that never arrives.


No need for apologies! These past couple of years have taken their toll on most people. Even if that hasn’t been the case for you, you’ve worked at a pace that’s best for both you and the game and that’s all that anyone could ask for.

Looking forward to seeing what comes of this. Maybe we’ll see a playable version in the near future?


Possibly, I really want to finish it and get it uploaded cuz I think some people would enjoy it. I just gotta find a good time to do it.

I’ve been doing small bits of it every once in awhile.

Hey, can I ask what engine you’re making this game on?

It’s being made on unity in C#

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when you finish this, do you mind helping on my project because I’m trying to make exactly what you’re making just as a minigame within my game! so just let me know whenever : )!

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I am waiting for this long awaited work created by somebody so close to creating something new and well thought out!!! :smile:

I appreciate that! I’ve gotten back into scripting the past few weeks so you’ll probably be seeing something at one point

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i would also say to add a “gallery” for each song where you can look at each inflated stage on your own time. maybe a less taxing minigame to achieve the same inflation at a rate the player is comfortable with. that being said, you did come up with some pretty stellar ideas here, i’m a fan of all of em.

yo? inside scoop hells yeah

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It was from February of 2021? Why has nobody told me about this? I would love to test the game, assuming it ever comes out.

OP’s hasn’t made a post anywhere on WGaming since late 2021, and hasn’t logged into the site since May, so I wouldn’t get too hopeful.