Kingdom Hearts 3 Fat Aqua mod possibility?

Well as the title says, ever since the game came out on pc the game has recieved a lot of mods from weapon replacers, re textures, the infamous ingredients audio, etc.
Recently the model swap for Sora became a possibility and from one of these Roxas and Ventus’s Armor appeared.
I wonder if anyone would be interested in making a chubby ot thicc Aqua mod since now there is a trainer that allows you to change your playable character.

Hm…I dont have the game on pc myself, though depending on the model formats required that might be possible. If theres a way of putting the model into blender I (or someone with more experience editing 3d models) could try to make an edit, but for that the model would have to be in a compatible format and there would have to be a way to extract and reinsert the model.

The only bad thing of extracting the model is actually finding it since the games data is compressed in the pak type of archive :frowning:

I mean, the fact that something like this exists gives me some hope that its possible x,D. My biggest concern would be converting the model into a format that could be worked with, as well as testing.
For example, you usually want to increase the number of polygons a model has if you want to fatten it up, since it appears jagged otherwhise. But in Monster hunter world for example, altering that number causes problems when editing the armor sets in the game (from what Ive tested). It might be that something similar is the case in KH3.

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