Kobold Kare (Multiplayer Farming/Breeding Game with Mod On steam Workshop!)

Kobold Kare is an open source Farming/Breeding game Being Developed by Naelstrof available on Steam and itchio:

This game was previously posted about 3 years ago in a prototype state, and has come a long way in the time since. The game currently includes Breast Expansion, Penis expansion, Ball Expansion, Weight gain, and Size Change, where you selectively breed Kobolds over multiple generations to create diverse body types. There is also online multiplayer, so you can harvest and breed and grow with others!

Steam Workshop/Mod support has been added, giving the potential for new Maps, Crops, ways to modify Kobolds, and new Character models to breed (nobody said that the “Kobolds” have to be Kobolds, and design documents are available on the Kobold Kare Wiki so Workshop-made models can be designed to grow like the base game Kobold models)

I highly recommend this game (The game is DRM-Free, so you can acquire it even if you cannot afford it at the moment) As modders have added a wealth of content to the game with more being added all the time

(Below image taken from Steam and itchio pages)



NGL the tutorial is kinda confusing, I’m at the part where it asks to feed a kobold the crushed watermelon but…where do I get the kobold?

You can feed yourself, but i would recommend breeding several of the buggers at your nearest convenience. Are you familiar where the cave is? There is fruit on the trees there that you can use to fill the other half of the requirement.

The cave that needs 4 stars to open?

But the main thing is…how do I breed them? I only got an egg in the mailbox and had to sell the thing immediately.

You can get more eggs either by buying them at the shop in town, or you have to breed two kobolds together and your character and count for 1

I just realized i forgot to mention the game has Online multiplayer

There is also a discord server:

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if i were to buy via itchio, do i need to activate it on steam before i can play? or is the itchio version a standalone download?

Itchio is a standalone download, and i believe if you buy it there you get a steam key as well
The online multiplayer is not dependent on steam, no matter how you aquire the game, as long as it is the current version, you can start or join multiplayer lobbies

However if you own the game on steam, you can access the beta branch, and Workshop support will be directly integrated (Modding will be available and Cross-Compatible for Non-steam versions, but the process will most likely will be slightly more complicated compared to Subscribing to a mod on Workshop)

Assuming you have not found out already, go to the table in your house and place a kobold there. It is one of the many places you can breed kobolds.

option 1: buy an egg from town

option 2: get two kobolds(one male one female), have the male “mate” with the female(really all you need to do is get cum insider her). wait a short while, couple of seconds at best, then take the female over to the nest behind the farming area. if placed correctly the female will lay down on the bench, and pop out an egg

Option 3: Use the bucket the game gives you and fill It with man milk, any Kobold can drink It and lay eggs afterwards.

Option 4: learn how to use the console commands


I can attest to the fact that this game has some very impressive weight gain content.

For those looking for some effective recipes to do so, I recommend making cake or a banana split. To make cake, mix milk and egg to make eggnog, then add flour (ground wheat). To make a banana split, mix milk and ground ice (bought from a store in town) to make a milkshake, then add ground banana to that (found growing in the forest).

Alternatively, you can press Enter to open chat, type “/cheats” to enable cheats, then use the /give command to spawn whatever you want.


For those unaware, the game recently added Steam Workshop support.


it has been some time, but there as a Steam workshop community slowly growing for this game, with a half-dozen new playable characters as of this post

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There are now over 35 character mods, all of which have the ability to gain weight, with more popping up all the time, and if you have skills in Unity and Blender, there are plenty of people in the Game’s discord willing to teach how to implement mod characters.


these are just some of the playable characters available
(the Npc logic makes them face each other rather than the angle I set them down at, apologies)