Konosuba WG VN

Greetings, I’m SleepyBoi and I’m the guy who has commissioned the first chapter of this story that ended up snowballing to the point where there’s now 3 chapters and a team of 22 people and a dedicated server for it
The VN features many talented members from the WG community including:
DrBlackjack for writing and Programming
Purrine Programming and working on the minigame
Post-bop for sounds and music
Anastimafilia for Darkness sprites
Bamboo-ale for the Aqua and Wiz sprites
Kipteitei for the Megumin and Yunyun sprites
Beltbuster for Kazuma and Guards
ThePervertWithin for Eris
Kurokaze-S for the CGs
And Mihai88 for the cover art
We were also lucky to have some of the Swellreads VA and the “Luck Based Degeneracy” duo to help with voices
If anyone has questions towards the topic, I’ll be quite active here in helping answer them
Edit: I forgot to mention the obvious point, the VN is still in development, but the first chapter is nearly completed


why this remind me of the doki doki fat project… sorry I don’t know that is complete or not

Well, most of the people who worked on the DDLC project are returning for this project

ok I see, thank you very much