Kynes: Kink arist pretending to be a game developer

I’ve been drawing fatties for years, but I’m new to making visual novels.

I just completed my first Ren’py project called FlabraKadabra and wanted to pay mt respect to the preeminent forum for gaining themed gaming!

Currently it’s inlt available on Patreon but I plan to release it publicly sometime next month. That’s where you come in!

I could use your sexpertise knowing where to publish it, how to let people know it exists, and what I can do to improve it for the final release!

Check out more of my art at and let me know what you think!


Welcome Kynes, been following your work for a while now so it’s quite the pleasant surprise to find you here on this forum! As for publishing advice, I would say that you could create a post about it here on the forums under “projects”. A good format would be to add an image of the game, a description of what the game is about, a list of fetishes/elements, and then of course a download link. You could create an page for the game and link to that, or just upload the game to MEGA and post a download link on the forum post.


Nice nice! The plan is to upload it to but I’m not super familiar with them either! I’m going to make an effort to get to know know both Itch and Weight Gaming a bit better.

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