Lachevite - Research and Development (v0.2)

Hello, just noticed this game on twitter and apparently Lachevite’s been inactive on here, so I thought I’d share it.

Play as a strawberry-flavored creature, and take down flying cakes in order to feed (and milk) Sundown the vampire for science!

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milk inflation? sign me the fuck up.

ikr? but the rhythm game is kinda hard…

yeah kind wish it was just a different minigame because mashing space isnt very good from me since my space key is practically broken, it keeps hitting the rhythm but not registering anyways

The rhythm game doesn’t work well as a rhythm game as there no actual beat to pace yourself with and it gets easier as it gets faster? I can noticeably tell the timing window for it gets wider without the actual marker getting bigger, to the point I can intentionally hit too early and still get a hit, compared to earlier stages of it, where you have to be dead on for it to count. Doesn’t help it has the same mistake as Lab Grown, where your penalties carry over to stages, but now you can go down a number of stages at once for messing up…

As for cake-eating, its fine. Not that interesting, simple to learn, simple to master. Main problem is that the Spawn Rate upgrade seems to be more tied to your penetrating power than your actual Spawn Rate upgrade. Only noticed higher gains after I leveled those up, despite increasing spawn rate first. Will say, it is weird how you want penetrating power, instead of ball size. Given how you hit more cakes in one shot horitzontally than vertically, and none of the spawn rate upgrades increases the range cakes spawn, just the frequency, you’d think you just want max penetration at the start and just make it easier to grab them from the sides…

I think the rhythm game getting easier as you go might be intentional? It could make sense in a non-game-mechanics way…

I also found the cake game and its upgrades to be a little weird, but it was easy anyway.

Seems like a neat little thing but my biggest complaint so far is the ‘Rhythm’ game.
Currently there’s no beat to really keep to and, with the vampire, the color scheme is awful as its white on slightly off white which can cause me to lose track of the bars.
Should really be a red or black color to contrast.