Lack of male centered games

Well, not want to complain and all… but kind of want to see more of them.
I wish I was good at programming or drawing :slightly_frowning_face:


Text games exist, so maybe that’s your venue.


There’s always the option of learning how to! The forum discord is especially helpful for pointing you in the right direction for where to start, since that can vary depending on what kind of game you want to make.


Be the change you want to see In the world.


I don’t know how many other devs I can speak for here, but as someone who doesn’t do male-centered content, I’d still be willing to give a hand to anyone interested in modding any of my projects. Granted, that still would take some skill, but it could make more sense as a starting point. My advice is to try reaching out to people and don’t underestimate how much you can offer. People tend to be willing to help someone who can put together a demonstration of some kind of effort.


if its any consolation.
I got something in the pipeline that’ll include a man or a woman to ogle at.
and with a little luck it’ll actually be fun :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m am 100% with you.
I do have some tips,
As the people above mentioned, this could be a great opportunity to learn. Iv found “I’m making a wg dude game” great motivation for learning stuff I never imagined I would.
But also you just have to accept there is just more interest in women. I ended up burning myself out from trying to balance that divide.
Finally, even if you can only do so much, don’t stay quite. Obviously don’t go over board but do pester for more dudes. You’d be surprised how many creators just never thing of it. Though you may have to guide them so they don’t make those “male” but actually just a blue female template things.

In most niche sexy stuff you’ll find less. So seek out and support what there is and push for better tagging systems.


Well dispute those two things there’s gotta be something that you can do to be able to help make a game learning how to do those things is just the most noticed parts along with the music

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A lot of the time, people making games will make them based on what they themselves want.

Having tried to make a game for something I myself wasn’t interested in, I found myself burnt out far quicker than on something I did have vested interest in.

The balance isn’t great, that’s very true. But making games can be fairly simple nowadays. There are tutorials for almost every game engine and everyone here is always happy to help if you need it.

As Krodmandoon said, “be the change you want to be”.

Try make a game, it might not be perfect the first time around, but there’s always room to learn and room to improve. Just keep at it.


Thank you for the kind words people. It was helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah I’ve noticed the lack of Male centred games as well, it’s pretty disappointing tbh. I have been planning to make one myself but I have no artistic ability to speak of so that may never happen.


There’s always text based games!

Alternatively: if you wanted to work on a game right away, but didn’t have the time to build up some art skills, you could always try your hand at pixel art? It requires no tools outside of MS paint, doesn’t require anywhere near as much hand-eye coordination(depending on the pixel count), and (depending on the pixel count) doesn’t even require comprehension of light or shadow. Not to say that pixel art doesn’t come with it’s own set of challenges though, but it might be a good place to start!

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Yeah, I may end up doing that as a solution. Easier and shouldn’t take me too long.

I would suggest using or gimp instead of regular old paint, both are free and decent enough programs for pixel art. Piskelapp is pretty good too if I remember correctly, but I think it’s online only, might be wrong about that though.

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It’s better than ever before, now
Not too long ago, male games came out once in a blue moon and never talked about much.
Recently I saw, for the first time, someone asking for females to be added. It wasn’t too far back when that was also the only way you’d get a guy in.


Honestly there’s so many female weight gain games that I doubt there’s many games that people ask for females that don’t have a game similar to them.


I have planned to make some weight gain game with both male and female characters but I have mostly males right now