Land of Myunif; DnD Homebrew

Edit: So I messed up. My computer had to update and shut down, when I got back to the Homebrewery page it seemed that several days worth of writing was lost, bypassing HomeBrewery’s autosaving. Even upon refreshing, all was gone.

This is a grim reminder to all of you creators out there: don’t be like me. Save your work frequently. Don’t rely on auto saves. Don’t be an idiot like me.

Here is what remains. The Homebrew document originally was filled with 10 more pages consisting of other Body Skills, food mechanics, weapons, enemies, and other such stuff. Not anymore. The Imgur link is of a character sheet I designed for use for this 'brew and may contain some elements detailed in the Homebrew due to the data loss.

Land of Myunif Homebrew

Character Sheet
Will I still work on this? Yes, eventually. I’m too stubborn to let this stop me, but this really killed my motivation for the time.

In its current state it’s most certainly not ready to stand on its own, feel free to use it as a sort of add-on to ExpanDnD.

My first post here. I made Land of Myunif in order to create a(comparatively) simple Weight Gain focused P&P RPG. It was certainly humbling to see how long it took me to get this skeleton out, haha. I wanted to get feedback before continuing on this, so I wholly welcome your thoughts.

To summarize the Weight elements:
Weight gain is on a 5 point Weight Meter system. When you get 5 points, you gain one pound. Conversely, if you’re at 0 points and you lose another point, you lose a pound.

There are different body types in this game that impact where your weight goes. Every 10 pounds you gain, the weight is distributed among 5 general regions of the body, Chest/Belly/Hips/Butt/Thighs.

The Armor in this game has a tearing mechanic where armor will begin to tear if you exceed the weight limit of a certain part. For instance: Weight on your chest will not cause your pants to rip.

There is also “stuffing damage” that, instead of just taking away points of HP, it also adds points to your Weight Meter.

In the future, if there’s demand for me to continue, I want to add a system that makes solo-play much more enjoyable(cause let’s be honest: not many of have have people we can play this with at anytime).


This is certainly an interesting idea, however I feel that it would work much better as an addon to either D&D or Pathfinder. As many of the basic concepts are the same as in D&D, with names being the only differences. And it would be much simpler to have it be an addon since many already know the D&D system and would have an easier time using this. However, the decision is up to you.

Also, I would recommend using another website than Google Docs if you plan on expanding on this, as it can be pretty hard to navigate. I would reccomend Homebrewery.

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Yeah, as an add on there would certainly be a lot more content and stuff to work with beyond what I put. I feel that what I have may feel barebones in practice.

My biggest concern is how certain mechanics will translate over to actual DnD. I haven’t homebrewed before, typically how much of the fundamentals are you allowed to change?

The thing about Homebrew is that you can change as much as you want. If you are going to do it I would suggest adding whatever you feel is necessary to uphold the concept of your project and have it be a fun experience. For example, if the regular races don’t fit in your world, replace them with your own. Or just mix and max. Really there are no limitations. I personally like many of the concepts you have and can see them being fun in session.

Like @LordManiac said there’s no limit to what you can change about the fundamentals, but I’d still take a moment to think about what you’re changing, and how that’s gonna affect the rest of the rules in the system.

For example, if you want to change something major like the Armor Class system to something else, keep in mind that you may have to do some serious tinkering with monsters/characters, armour, spells, etc to rebalance the game to work with your homebrew. (Or don’t, if you’re not too fuzzy about encounter balance and such!)

But if you’re just adding on new mechanics to work along with the already existing ones, it’ll be way less of a workload to try and balance it to fit into the default system. Just keep in mind if you add a positive mechanic, you may want to also add a negative one so that players will still feel challenged, and vice versa.

Other than that, I recommend looking at other similar homebrews to see what they do about differently from what you want. Borrowing ideas from other creators is fine as long as your end product is different enough from what you decided to borrow from.

I will be making on-site updates for changes I make rather than reuploading a new version every time.

•Change in direction from a unique tabletop to a DnD homebrew
°as a result, I have removed or reworked systems that change the fundamentals of DnD too much, namely combat and stats
°enemies will be balanced to fit into DnD
°any new races will be fleshed out and modified to fit into the DnD system
°now being a WG focused homebrew, most non-WG related weapons, races, and spells have been removed or reworked(if by popular demand certain aspects may be reinstated)

•new body types added
°"super" variant for all body types except rectangular
°new body types further specialize where fat distributes

•all armor now behave like outfits

•new armor pieces have their Defense rating changed to DnD Armor Class
°numbers have been changed to better align with those found in DnD

•outfits now lose 3 points of Armor Class per tear instead of 2

•Traits and Flaws have been renamed to Facets and Flaws
°facets and flaws have been reworked to fit better into the DnD system

No offense, but that does not seem like the best idea to not change the doc…

I can see your point. I was going to stop using the Google Doc in favor of Homebrewery(which I’m still trying to figure out how to use). Thus I wasn’t going to update the Google Doc, but I can see that it would stupid of me to not keep an updated sheet with everything on it available. I’ll work on transfering everything to a Homebrewery.

OK cool. Thank you for understanding and I hope this does well. Looks cool.

Well, the Homebrew page is now technically “up”, but I’m sure you read the main post edit.

Thank you and sorry if I seemed a little pushy.

Oh no no, you’re fine! I was just making a general statement, not directing it at anyone. Sorry for the misunderstanding