Learn to programm

Hey :smiley:
I am quite new to the community as a member, although I am checking the content here regulary for a while now…
I always was a fan of weight gain games, especially of those with good content :smiley:
I tried to learn programming games by my own, but its so hard, i dont even know which programm I should use…Furthermore english is not my first language, so here and there may appear some mistakes in spelling or grammar…
If anyone feels like teaching a new comer how to programm a nice game(mainly text based for the beginning), you can wait for some new games on this forum by me :smiley:
Through the lack of knowledge how to make games I tried writing some storeis, those who went check them out just leave me a message.
I would just do a link in here but I dont know if its allowed to post links to other websites in here :smiley:
Greetings Horbsch

Humble Bundle are running two sales that might be of interest to you right now:

Programming Courses a whole bunch of online courses for different coding languages to learn from.

Programming Cookbooks Books with different code examples.

It’s hard to say where to start, but I can answer your last question first - the forum grandually opens up facilities like posting links once you’ve been around a little while.

Learning to program is something you can pick up by reading, or by doing. In general it will help to get a hang of the basics that apply to almost all languages and understand general concepts like types and common collections (arrays, maps, sets) before you leap into things so you don’t try and do things that can’t work.

A lot of coding is about understanding what existing things you can build upon - to save you the time involved of re-inventing the wheel yourself. This is where cookbooks can be useful - but the problem with them is that unless you understand the basics you won’t get why the offered solution is the right answer or how to bend it to your needs.

I’d say have a thought about the game you want to make while you mess around with a general purpose programming language. Once you have an outline you can ask people what they might use (don’t expect just one answer) to build it. Pretty much all the game writing tools soon require you to write actual code to go beyond what the engine offers.

As you mention text based you might want to look at game design for interactive fiction - in particular you need to understand what combinatorial explosion is and think about how you are going to avoid it.

Your English is fine - though it may help to have someone who can explain things in your native language. Things can get lost in translation!

Really thanks a lot!
This really helps!
Unfortunately I dont know any skilled programmer talking german :C

Howllo! If your looking to learn about coding, I’ll always recommend SoloLearn to start out. I can also recommend a few IDEs to make it easier to program on your computer, though SoloLearn does have an online compiler you can use. I recommend NetBeans for Java, CodeBlocks for C and C++, and Notepad++ since it’s a much needed and useful source code editor.

If you have better luck than I do, you can use just Netbeans and get the C/C++ plugin compiler to work with you, but I couldn’t so that’s why I have a seperate IDE for C/C++.

As for learning how to do a text based game, I would recommend C++ since it’s easy to get one set up and running. A simple loop run, input read, print to screen, that’s pretty much all you need to program one (besides checking valid input). C++ can be run in the command window so a text based game is a simple kind of game to start with!

Though a simple number guessing game is recommended for simple understanding of randomly generating a number, getting user input, and checking if input matches number. But I’d also recommend if your entirely new to programming, write the simple “Hello World” program to understand how to create output and what the language’s general structure is.

(Note to self: Finish uploading my text based game as an example for here)

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

It depends what do you want to achieve. If you want to learn programming then the responses above are relevant. If you want to “just” create text based game then I can recommend Quest.


It is easy to learn and powerful tool for creating text based games. But beware it is not universal programming language.

The tutorial for learning Quest (Quest 5 - Documentation) is well written and easily understandable.