Let's play gaining games! (but like, let's not be in the mood for them...?)

Gonna cut to the chase here, so you’re playing a weight gain game, let’s say… “Tribal hunter”, and you’re having a fun time and all, but here’s where it gets finicky. So, playing weight gain games corresponds to a fetish, and having fun, but what I want to know, is do any of y’all ever play these games when you’re not aroused? As for me, the answer would be yes, cause half the time I have more fun playing the game, that I forget about being aroused to begin with, lol.

Here is a little poll, but if you want to explain down below, please feel free to.

Do you play gaining games when aroused
  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on how much fun I’m having

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Anywho, as per usual, the poll will close in a few days, around 3/2/2021-ish, and again, if you want to explain why you picked what you picked, feel free to do so!

With that said, i hope everyone has a swell day! ;D

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I genuinely enjoy corruption of champions RPG system. Same with trials in tainted space. There are some ridiculous synergies you can work and even when not in the mood, I sometimes just grind away to get a solid 100 in every stat or make a character that can stun literal gods.

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I feel that for me it depends on what specific games- with Some Bullshit, I found myself getting genuinely engrossed in the story and characters that I found myself playing regardless of arousal, alongside other fetish games like Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space.

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Honestly to get to the smexy, I usually mod/hack/extract games as for me playing the game is too engaging to focus on both. Though Ahkara’s early work and Elysium are an exception for me due to the mechanics being the smexy bit.

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I play rarely weight gain games and I prefer mod normal games.

I love to have BBW around me when I play, but I move to weight gain content, when I am aroused.

Not in mood to play WG games when cold.

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shivers under heated blanket

I play for the plot, the fatty related story elements just makes it better


You my friend, really do appreciate the finer things in life!

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I find that I will play a weight gain/ expansion game under many varied circumstances, whether in an aroused state or not, my first reason for playing the game is usually just to decompress/relax and get immersed in something. If arousal follows then that is icing on the cake!

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Yeah I get what you mean, you having a fun time, and then hey, now you happy

that was the worst way to word that XD

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The only game that I play for fun and not for fetishes is Bowser’s Inside Story. And it’s not even a fan game.

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