Let's share our characters and experiences

Well, seeing that this part of the forum has little activity I guess I could contribute a bit here. The idea in this thread is to share our characters, how they look, how they’ll progress, as well as our experience with the game…

My very first character was Millie, back when there was hardly anything in the game. I wandered around, killing goblins with a single hit and I stacked burgers or used the fairy to gain a lot of weight. Afterwards I’d spend quite some time searching for the fairy, to lose all that weight. I enjoyed the major updates, and learned that a map was displayed, as I previously moved around in a completly random way. Not being sure what the other stats are for, I stack as much strength as I can, and try to cover the obvious flaws with armor, equipment and heath potions. Concerning the weight part I think I’d enjoy more being manipulative and fattening other characters rather than her.

I like keeping her somewhat slim before updates or new floors are added, so that she’ll go from thin to fat during her adventures in the tower, and let her pile on weight with food before eventually slimming her down once again. I later tried a shy male character, a very chubby girl as well as an anorexic homosexual male character which I deleted as I wasn’t really using any them consistently. Hence my second character, Rob. He’s more of an experiment but I’ll try to give him a much more balanced fighting style compared to Millie, for the moment I’ll just add strength. I intend to keep him at a chunky but realist 250-300lbs, but could further plump him up in the future so that he’d remain the heaviest guy around.

Feel free to share your characters, experiences or ask questions :wink:

Here are my two characters, the first, Amanda, being based off of me if I was in this world, except for the feelings towards fat. I forgot to change that. The second, Fress, is someone very loosely based off of the character in “The currently unnamed stuffing rpg”. The feelings towards fat, extreme lack of weight, and personality were on purpose this time.

This is my character Aveline, the lady knight, the hefty heroine!

My adventures with her were rather interesting. We went about slaying monsters with ease, but no matter what my wishes, the world was bent on making her too fat to fit in her armor. We had to get it resized often and no matter how hard I tried the world was out to fatten this poor heroine. We did eventually slay our way through the first floor and ascend to the second, only to grind a little more and finally beat the succubus. But not without a price. By the end of our little adventure poor Aveline was turned into a 743 pound blob of fat. Which as cute as it is, makes wearing armor hard. XD But oh well, her adventure is done for now, she can be a big blobby hero, she’s earned it. ^w^

And then… i made her into a full on character.

I?d like to present to you all Aveline, the lady knight, the hefty heroine! She was inspired by my silly little adventure in an online RPG text based adventure game. My character was a knight known as Aveline and she seemed to have an affinity for getting too fat for her own good? whether I wanted it or not. It seems the whole world is out to make this heavily armored heroine heavy. XD But instead of fighting it she instead embraces it, trying to use it to her advantage. She?s okay with her large and seemingly always increasing weight. She?s brave and helpful, although having spells of laziness and greed flawing her image. Who knows what adventures she shall go on now? I hope you all like her!

i’ll admit i wont be grabbing their screenshots for stats, but i will just say their experiences.

two of the characters i made are of two OCs I have, those being to girls named Emily and Nite.
Emily is, by canon, a very big and heavy girl (standing around the latter of the 6 ft reach) and being very dense. Having her in WGRPG was more a trial run if anything, but it helped me learn about the game.

the second was Nite who, in contrast, is quite average and prefers to be average sized then really heavy. i think she sits around 250 lbs right now, but i ended up getting her there sheerly by accident. i pray that she doesnt get too heavy for her armor (again)

then there was my third. kind of made as a joke because of a species of robots i made, but i’ll let it slide.
basically, icould call her the ‘how big could i get her before i cant do anything’ wharacter, which was a lot.
documenting her weight, she was i think around 500 when i completed the first floor, over 1000 when she got to the third floor, then (between grinding for exp and going off a diet strictly of slimes) her weight literally exploded to the early 7000s! It was at that point i found slimes were almost useless to keep her going, and all my funds went straight to filling her immense size (the gol was piling up anyway, but it didnt change the fact it was costly.)
I had to cut her back to around 2,500 (still stupidly high but i wanted to be silly), then beat the third floor. Im just waiting for the fourth now. To continue her story.