Level Cap?

Is there a level cap? I am level 10 and not getting any experience for anything.

Yes the level cap is 10. It’s so that players won’t be overleveled when more floors are released.

I think willpower resistance needs to be higher, if 10 is intended to be the highest you get on the second floor. Right now, I think you have to sink about half of the point you get into it just to have a chance of resisting events / hypnosis, which is kind of a ton.

The banquet event should probably be easier to resist. It’s 25 willpower to start resisting it which is a lot. I was kind of thinking that’s only level 5 you need to start resisting it but sort of overlooked the fact that if you only stacked willpower at level 5 you’d just die from everything else on the floor lol!

I think the Succubus’ difficulty is fine though. Willpower isn’t a necessity to beat her. If you stack vitality or intelligence then unequip your weapon once you get to the Succubus the earliest you can beat her is around level 5. Given that Coffee is an item now it might be able to boost your flee chance enough so you can flee from all the skeletons on the floor, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Yeah, at the moment level 10 is the furthest you can go.

Concerning willpower I would ignore it for the moment and focus on strength or vitality, as the rest still need some work and aren’t as benefitial in combat. The succubus is an interesting topic, I always kill her with one hit due to my strength.

Good thing we can re-distribute all our stat points for 1 gold :smiley: