Lewd Gamer Article

Wow, would you look at that. Someone wrote an article about my game. :-X

I feel weirdly embarrassed. I don’t even know how much traffic such a site garners, but it’s got me really self-conscious and nervous about my game. lol.
That guy’s praise sets the bar way too high, my game is hardly a game yet, more of a tech demo. Woof.

I’m glad someone that it was cool enough to write all that about it though, but all I can think about are all these excited people flooding in and realizing they’ve been dooped. My website traffic numbers are way up at the moment too.

(plus, I have to imagine that the people that frequent that site aren’t into fatties the way I am, o_o)

Maybe I’m letting myself get too rustled over it, but I sure as hell can’t stop seeing all the flaws in my game. Like, I want to jump out and cover it up, “no, it’s not ready!”

Wow, that’s impressive! Congratulations Atticus! Hopefully this’ll help get the game more attention since its probably one of the most functional games out there right now.

Didn’t even know there were fetish game reviewers out there, though it certainly makes sense.

Nor did I.
Worse yet, is that it’s praise. I think I could have handled virtial and wrote up a defensive post on the blog, but now I’m dumbfounded lol.

When I first saw the notification on my phone, (via twitter) I couldn’t get their site to work for mobile (plus lack of reception), so all day at work I was thinking about what the article must be about, like something terrible about how my game makes great promises but shits all over them or whatever. I was all flustered not knowing what the article said other than that there was one.
Now that I got home and got to read it, I find that it’s praise, and it leaves me like, “well fuck”, wasn’t ready for that." lol

Just seems so out of place among things like “Dead or Alive Stream Shows Off New Gameplay” and “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus set to be Released March 15 in North America”.

Not that I’m not enthused.


That’s awesome news none the less! Did they reach out for any interview or anything?