LFDM/Group for Potential Long Term Campaign

Hey there!

I have recently developed a fun concept for the floating city of Netheril, (I know that it fell, but I’m not one to stress over what is or is not canon as long as it’s an interesting idea), in which a mishap occurs with the mythallar crystal that causes the city to float. Whatever happened caused most of the special raw arcana to disperse and dispel all over the realm. No collateral damages occurred to the city, it didn’t even waiver in from it’s constant floating, but it’s inhabitants, as well as the rest of the humanoids in the realm, realised that their skin was much more stretchy and durable. This allowed some adventures to quest for longer and become stronger in some aspects, but they would come soon to realise that they could inflate themselves with air and all sorts of other fun stuff!

The society of Netheril quickly acclimated to the sudden skills that their bodies were gifted with.

  • People turning themselves into blimps to freight people across the city or down to the realm below.

  • Nobles inflating their proportions to emphasize on their natural beauty.

  • Cities inflating their prisoners to immobile sizes and rolling them around the city to humiliate their prisoners or making their own kind of shame parades.

  • People down on their luck will turn themselves into pool toys for the rich or charge people to use them across bodies of water.

  • Item shops now sell items for the explicit purpose of inflating people that were created by wizards and artificers who specialize in this new magic.

  • There even came about the creation of a new race of people who are infused with arcana-filled juice referred to as “fruit folk!”

And many more fun things that we can create together!

But yeah! That’s my pitch for a fun campaign setting. I’m also up for fun regular lewd NSFW roleplaying stuff. My favourite aspects about D&D is that feeling of walking around in lived in streets, breathing in a real society with it’s own problems and faults, but I also love playing around with the different classes and combat stuff. If I had to make a ratio for combat/roleplaying, I’d have to say I like somewhere around 30/70. I’d like out small to begin with like:
The adventurer walks into a tavern and finds a blimp operator who needs some help. They help out the operator to discover that they’re being extorted by a mafia don, or a gang a goblins keep stealing their supplies or messing with them, or the people they are freighting is kinda sketchy.
The adventurer comes across a farmer that needs help. They say that a few of their larger blueberries have been plucked straight off of the bush. The adventurer inspects the bush to see that some kind of strange tracks in the mud around the bush, or the tracks had been meddled with magically.

The module I was looking to use would be ExpanD&D, but I’m open to suggestions for the sake of simplicity or creativity. I’d also be open to creating new items and afflictions for homebrewing. I’ve been dying to incorporate P-balloons into play, so that would be amazing, or a new perma-berry condition/curse.

I have a few more things to add, but I have a feeling this is already getting too long already, so hit me up and lets play!


Hey! Looks like you’re seeking a DM to run a custom campaign. With such a particular set of expectations for the game, you might have better results running it yourself. There’s ever a shortage of DMs out there, and few with a shortage of adventure ideas to run.

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the concept sounds super cool! would love to join it if you do the campaign!

my discord is terminallycapricious