Life of Kriss, Day One (Version 0.1.0)

Here’s the update list for the current version! I’m really excited, because this was a very substantial update and took a significantly longer time than the initial version of the game.

Update v0.1.0

Your Bedroom

-Added new item- Dresser
+++Added 3 new items within dresser

-New mirror functionality! mirror now displays 4 different messages, depending on certain

factors (clothing, consumption of certain items)

Your Bathroom

-Slightly changed how antacid works
+++You just use it, instead of taking it, THEN using it.

The Spare Room

-Made the futon actually function

Jamie’s Room

-Completely rewrote/recoded Jamie
+++Please please PLEASE lemme know if she breaks, I did a lot more advanced “coding” than I’m used to, and it’s very possible I broke the shit out of her.

-Added 1 new item to Jamie’s room

Hallway Closet

-Added new room! Hallway closet, which requires an item to open.
+++certain “statuses” will prevent you from going in

-Added 4 new items to the hallway closet.

Jamies Bathroom

-Added new room! Jamies Bathroom, which you can go into once revealed…

-Added five new items to Jamies bathroom


-Added/updated several descriptions, including
+++ Many items have a different printout the second time you try to do them/look at them
+++ bolded a few items/actions in descriptions, as a sort of “hint” system

-Updated game information, fleshed out other characters

-Removed Bag of Chips, it wasn’t really doing anything

-Removed ability to drink from Sink until I think of a reason to actually do it.