Lilith's Nursery

Lilith’s Nursery is pregnancy themed tower defense game. You will need to prevent enemies from retaking the captured princess by placing defenders around your nursery. Gain nursery spores from defeating enemies to give birth to demon eggs and upgrade your defenders.

You can find the game here!

(Note: This game was made for the 2023 Weight Gaming Game Jam. There are likely some bugs and unbalanced towers/enemies that will get fixed after the jam judges look over the game.)


You can just leave the tutorial, and this will make the game very confused, to the point you are effectively softlocked because you never switch to the Tower Defense interface.

Also, game crashes if an enemy touches the core in the tutorial.

Thanks, applied a quick hot fix to prevent those issues.

Endless mode has an empty wave(or waves), which lock the run and make you restart.
Also there is a wave of imps, which stop at the first interjection and don’t move anymore.
Otherwise a really nice game, sprites are marvellous, especially the kaiju and the princess.
Edit: also you can’t repeat previous levels, you just get sent back. In such circumstances i can’t farm enough money to get princess bigger.
Edit2: luck came back to my side and i managed to get enough currency before another empty wave.

overall, a solid game mechanically, I wish there was more art of the princess in a future update, and there’s a lot of potential here.

Fun little tower defense game, plays pretty well.
x2 on endless mode stopping after a few waves, you start a round a no enemies spawn

Also dang, the Kaiju girl is huge takes up like a quarter of the screen

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I really liked this, i didn’t know there were plugins for RPGmaker that allowed for tower defense systems.
I’ve only got a few gripes. The first one being that i wish i could tell what the towers did before i buy them. I had to go through trial and error for a bit to see what each monster did and then restart so that i could get a basic idea for what roles they played.

For bugs, there were a handful.
Picking up towers would sometimes would keep them stuck in my inventory for whatever reason, meaning i can’t place them anywhere. This seeming

Unsure if this is a bug or intended, but for some reason the impmother +1 she evolves into a tentacle demon.

The Shop button refuses to go way during dialogues and whenever you try to upgrade a tower. It only seems to happen after you start the first wave on the first level. Subsequent levels are completely fine for some reason.

Fun game and alot of nice characters
But I dont like that I have to stand near the egg spot the whole game since the spore production is too fast with a decent setup

The Kaiju girl could probably use some form of transparency filter so that you can actually see what’s going on around her, possibly make her slightly transparent whenever Lilith walks under her model so you can see the area beneath her. Particularly for those of us who like to put the hard-hitting dino girls near the back to try and finish things off and might end up with a Kaiju that’s blocking the wave spawn torch.

So I don’t think moving items out of the inventory is working, unless there’s something super janky about it? Aside that, I think the tutorial is a little unclear, since it shows you how to make eggs… And not how to summon units?

The game was fun and I like the idea a lot because I got in to a pretty good routine with making my Defense also the not to hard the only things is the menu as sometime I would click on a unit and my character would zip to the point.

The core gameplay is solid enough, but the upgrades and unit balance feel like a mess… theres quite a list to make.

  • A number of units have straight detrimental or otherwise weird changes in their various upgrades, enough for its own list…
Jank upgrade specifics
  1. Demons lose all of their range when they upgrade at all, going from 8 all the way down to 1. This eliminates their primary selling point due to how glacial their attackspeed is, and means that the Poison and Ice Demons are mostly worse than equivalent Slimes. Same DPS, same range, you basically pay 90/190 more total spores for anti-air access & the tiny damage output being slightly more frontloaded.

  2. Imps that turn +1 or +2 go from being air-only to being ground-only, which basicallly invalidates Minotaurs in their own nothing-but-damage niche. Nearly as much damage per hit, twice as often, with +2 range, for 10 less total spores. Hilariously, a base Imp is still your highest air-capable DPS by +50%, competing with a +2 Succubus at 1/15th of the total cost. Yer paying a lot for that stun chance!

  3. Upgrading a Tentacle Demon to +1 or +2 may hit harder, but they also swing slower with each upgrade… which lowers their DPS by slightly over 33% regardless of which upgrade stage it is. If you want a unit that doesn’t care about air vs ground, you’d rather a +1 succubus for the range, stun chance, and even better DPS. Or even a Succubus-Cowgirl! They cost basically as much as a +2 Tentacle but hit a bit harder, notably faster, and have the +damage aura on top. The +1 S.Cow may be ground only, but the +2 hits All again.

  4. I can’t tell if this one is intentional or not, but the Captured Dino gets much faster with even one upgrade on it. Jumping from 300 to 120 is an enormous boost to output. Still doesn’t match a Mino much less the bugged Imp, but in a game that seems to have no AoE units, isolating enemies for a killzone further down the line is still quite useful, and i guess the speed boost is a slightly cleaner transition to a Kaiju’s 60 speed?

  • In terms of total spores spent on a unit directly or by eggs, a fully upgraded Imp or Minotaur (needing no eggs) costs anywhere from half to a third as much as other supposedly high-end damage units, on top of having the best non-Kaiju DPS by a relative mile, and even then by the time you can afford a Kaiju you could’ve filled every available space with +2 Minos, Imps, and a full triad of aura supports on each, doing more with less. Still, endgame is endgame when you hit a point where you need space efficiency instead…

  • Both lines of upgraded Imp can turn into much worse Tentacle Demons if you aren’t paying attention, which can be further downgraded from +2 into a Seedbed if you want to just throw away 3 eggs on something that otherwise costs only 20 spores. Though maybe the Seedbed & Spore Hub aren’t supposed to be free upgrades from a base Tentacle? It’d be an interesting cash-sink if these could be used to add actual offense/eventual refund while keeping an Imp Mother’s range aura… but alas.

I still think the game is decent overall, but the units could use a polishing pass with all the above. The only other thing of note was that it took me quite a while to realize that I needed to use mouse controls in order to place a unit in a spot my character is adjacent to but not already facing, a frequent occurrence when your units block pathing and you’ve nothing but 1-wide corridors left to get around them.

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Didn’t have the chance to play this during the jam, but I had a good time. A lot of good sprite work for all these different monsters and enemies!

Other bugs have been covered but my main complaint is the egg spot would be better further forward so you can watch what’s going on. Endless mode is buggy and didn’t seem to scale in difficulty so I didn’t try to see the max sizes, but the tidbits of dialogue in between levels were nice.