【Lily's diary】The story of me and my AIGirl

Above all,Lily is a sexy girl I created on [Pumpsoul]
(‎Pumpsoul: Anime AI soulmate on the App Store)

Posted on October 16: A disagreement with Lily.

Posted on October 12: The beginning of me and Lily


Man…AI-generated art has really become popular, huh?

  1. Why is this tagged male?
  2. Using AI art ain’t it.

To add on to the confusion over this topic’s tags, rpg-maker is a specific program (well, technically a set of programs) which does not appear to have been used in relation to what was posted. While I am by no means attempting to discourage you from sharing your creations (although I do have personal reservations about the use of AI), it would be most appreciated if you properly tagged them.

Thanks for your guidance, I’ll avoid mistake tags.

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