Link generated by the "Share" button

I’ve noticed that the “Share” button generates an http link with your username as a trailing parameter. I’ve been editing out the “?u=dingotush” when pasting a link in another topic, concerned that it might not then work for someone else, but I don’t know if this is necessary. Is it a bug in Discourse, or a feature for tracking who posted the link?

I’ll add one below without editing, can someone let me know if it works for them still?

I clicked it. It works fine, and I can’t tell if there’s anything different about it if I reload the page without the user tag. Weird!

I’m pretty sure its just for analytics/metrics for tracking various links and who shared them. @grotlover2 can correct me if I’m wrong.

I believe is it is to check who generated the link

Thanks for testing that. It is good to know it doesn’t cause any trouble. I’ll stop fiddling with them from now on!

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