Linking your forum account with the SSO

We have transitioned to a new SSO system to allow for one account to be used for all of our current and future services. Unfortunately, we can not migrate everyone’s account over so and due to this any registered users will have to recreate an account on the SSO to regain access to their account.

We know this is an inconvenience but luckily the process is fairly smooth.

If you used a linked google or github account or singed up with a gmail account follow these instructions:

  1. Select login as usual
  2. When you are taken to our login page select the appropriate login method
  3. After selecting the appropriate method follow the services instructions like you did before
  4. Once done you should be redirected back to the forum and your account should automatically be re-linked.

If you created an account using an email or dont wish to link your gmail account to our site follow these instructions:

  1. Select Sign Up instead of login
  2. You should be redirected to the SSO signup page, but if instead you where sent to the login page click sign up
  3. Once you reach the signup page fill out the required information. Make sure you use the same email you used when you created your forum account.
  4. Once you register you will be asked to verify your email. Once you verify the email you should be redirected to the forums and signed in.


Q: I was not taken back to the forums and/or I am not logged in. Did the link fail?
A: Not likely, the more common issue is the redirect failed. This happens sometimes but is not a big issue. Just try to login and everything should be fine.

Q: I created a new account on the SSO but I got a new account on the forum. Why did this happen?
A: If you got a brand new account that is because the email that identifies your account on the forum is different from the one on the SSO. Common causes for this are:

  • Using a different google or github account
  • Using a different email then the one you used when you originally created the account

Q: I accidentally used the wrong email. Can I request that the admins link my account to my old one?
A: No, for security reasons we can not and will not manually link accounts. If you did use a different email simple delete or request for your new account to be deleted and re-register with the correct email.

Q: I no longer have access to my old email/I can not verify my email address. Will I have to create a brand new account?
A: Yes, there is not much we can do for you if you can not verify the email address. You will have to simply create a new account.

Q: I am a dev and lost access to my project because I could not validate my email. Can I get my old posts transferred to my new account?
A: Please contact one of our staff through discord or a DM on the forum and we will try to work with you on this.


If you have any issues feel free to reach out to us through:

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