List of requests

Instead of flooding the section with many threads I’ll just list mine here.

-Bodyparts: we could add the entire human body as we currently only have “top” and “bottom”. I imagine head-arms-torso-legs-feet. This could add more place for clothing, armour and even wounds.

-Clothes: we currently have tanktops and jeans, I think we could add more variety such as underwear, hats, shirts, shorts, etc. This would allow more customization, as well as things to outgrow (for example button up shirts).

-Grocer —> bar: in my opinion the grocer is nice, it’s starting to have a nice variety of food and drinks. The idea with the bar is creating a tiny floor, with events such as an eating contest, arm wrestling, gambling… to test our stats in general. Someone with high intelligence could make more money or win something at gambling for example.

-Text: this is probably a matter of time but yeah, adf more text in the game. Could be the mirror, location descriptions, or even different texts for similar weight-related events (for example you could rip the pant seams at 180lbs, or pop the button at the same weight).

-Wounds: I read about the upcoming armor and weapon damage, I think wounds could fit nicely with the bodyparts suggestion, for example being defeated and sustaining a leg injury, affecting agility.

-General guide: while the tutorial fairy is helpful, she doesn’t tell what are the stats for, how many potions or foes there are, or even how gaining weight works and affects the player.

That was about it, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

  • Bodyparts: We already have Arms, Legs, Breasts, Butt, Belly, Face as options. You can gain in those specific parts (the next floor will have events that allow for that, I’ve some planned) and it affects how the clothing interacts with you. Feet… well I don’t have a feet fetish so I’m not very enthusiastic about creating dialog around that. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Clothes: Hats, gloves, shoes are possible but I don’t want to create dialog for putting on or taking them off if I do add them. Underwear, maybe. It’s a lot of dialog to add new clothing to the game since I have to write how it interacts with each body part and responds to gaining weight. That’s why I haven’t added anything else yet, it’s just a lot of work. Additionally the way the inventory is now makes it confusing to see what you have equipped in which spot which is why I opted for the simplicity of having only top/bottom/both for armour and primary/secondary/both for weapon, and accessories in the future. If I wanted to add more slots for equipping clothing/armour I will need to do something more like adding equipment slots for each body part to right click/drag items onto in the inventory like in most other games.

  • Bar: This is a planned feature and a place where you can have many NPC interactions as well as meet certain class instructor NPCs. It would be in the Red Light District.

  • Text: Same as the clothes. I’m trying my best to pump out new functionality and due to time constraints the dialog is left behind or lackluster.

  • Wounds: I think this is a little too complicated for me.

  • Guide: I agree a lot of the game is unexplained. I think tooltips are the answer to a lot of things, such as mousing over stats will explain what they do in a tooltip. Though the tutorial fairy will make more appearances as more things need explaining in the game.

The bar is really interesting. There could be events tied to single stats i.e. the dexterous can subtly pick the pockets of the more inebriated patrons. Or events solved through multiple stats, for example in a drinking contest, characters with high strength or vitality can simply hold their liquor better, the intelligent could play the long game and the dexterous could outright cheat and get away with drinking as little as possible. You could even do some busy work for the barkeep, serving drinks or throwing out the troublemakers or penniless drunks.