List of Skyrim Mods for weight gain?

Also can you help me build the body in bodyslide?

i don’t mean to necro a dead thread, but i’m having a bit of a problem:
for some reason my character’s body doesn’t change? i’m using everything, and i’m a female khajit. i try using debug to change the weight- and it defaults back to 0 even when using the persistence slider. nothing seems to be working, anyone know the problem???

last time i played skyrim with one of these mods installed I had to make all the batch files for the outfits, cause instead I wouldn’t be seeing any changes, now I don’t know if some of these mods change how that works, but maybe that’s what you’re missing(although idk if you actually need CBBE for some of them)

Typically it is because the outfit does not support the morphs. Here is a list of non-vanilla outfits that have been converted to allow for the Devourment sliders: Devourment Refactor Public Conversions - Google Sheets

Don’t forget to build the outfits in BodySlide.

Ayo, so is there a way this devourment mod can make it onto Xbox? I’d very much like to see what all the fuss is about

The Devourment mod requires SKSE (which is exclusive to PC users only) and a ton of other dependencies that aren’t available on Xbox nor PlayStation. Even if it were somehow possible, I don’t think it’d be allowed for that long on the console versions of Skyrim for obvious reasons.

Damn… would love to have it snuck in through a different kind of mod like a weapon mod or something. Because once it’s installed on console it will work and be usable until you delete it. Just need a window with it available

Yeah, not only does Devourment require SKSE, it is very script heavy. The devs are constantly working to optimize it and update the scripts. I don’t know how it could be “ported” to an SKSE-less version. The bellies could be ported as armors. In fact, you build out the meshes in BodySlide. But, they would be static and characters wouldn’t eat each other.

I’m tired. But I’ve been having problems with Femboy Race Reborn and body slider. I thought it was this obese slider I made that was the problem. But it seems like I might have bricked my body slider program somehow, as it doesn’t even work for other races.

So I’m gonna remake my build and hopefully get it to work. It’s funny this was the first time I made a slider, and I like how it looks to the point of showing it.

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I’ve yet to implement my sliders, even though I finally figured out how to make presets, mostly due to confusion on how things work.

Hey can someone please help me and give me a step by step guide? I am having issues with the Winterweight mod and it is frustrating me as I have spent hours on it. If possible can a list of the required mods and a step by step list from mod install to bodyslide be made? I am very desperate at this point, please if anyone can help it would be very nice.

Okay, It was all because I misread Bodyslider install location, which wasn’t put into the data folder instead of the main directory. And that was why I didn’t have textures too. Also, judging by what I read, do I have to remake all the armor and outfits by conforming to the body with the slider to make this one slider work? If so, I might as well fix all the clipping of any armor and customize the armor mesh to look nicer with this flabby full-body slider.

I can if you tell me what you’ve done so far so I know how to get you unstuck, unless you want to start from scratch.

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Honestly start from scratch. Ive already uninstalled multiple times; however I will keep the script extender of course.

I will say what has been the issue though is the MCM not appearing or the body not changing weight at all. On top of that the physics of the glutes and breast are weird. For example when I crouch the breast and glutes are like disconnected from the body and basically goes into the character and through the back.

I went to the topic you made to declutter this page.

So Devourment (or at the very least the version I have) doesn’t have a sort of macro thing. I was trying to brute force it via using Winterweight and bootstrapping the height and head scale slider to it, but uh… I can’t find the name for these slides, since the Body Scales section of the Race Menu doesn’t get recorded when you save a preset, at least to my knowledge…

Don’t brute force anything with Devourment. Trust me, I have learned that lesson in blood a few times. Use this instead:

Just know it will take some trial and error to get the settings just right for your play style. But it is compatible with Devourment. If you play in first person, you may get some wonkiness going when you get super tall. Improved Camera works well enough for my needs and I have done a giantess playthrough where my Argonian eats until she is bigger than Whiterun.